No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, we have you covered. For our Stocking Stuffers series, our writers and editors weigh in on the best gifts under $50 to give this year.

Govino Go Anywhere Champagne Flute (4 Pack)

Because celebrations can happen anywhere.
Buy Now: $12

Cutwater Spirits Gin & Tonic Ready to Drink Cocktail

Sometimes it’s nice to not have to mix your own.
Buy Now: $14

DashDart Two-Pack

Get a consistent dash for your bitters.
Buy Now: $17

Malin + Goetz Neroli Candle

A candle with notes of bitter orange, lemon and musk.
Buy Now: $23

Yoshikawa Hasam Tongs

Handmade in Japan, these tongs have a two-spoon silhouette with three drain slots.
Buy Now: $24

Yoshikawa Oros Grater

A concave single grater for zesting or grating spices for cocktails.
Buy Now: $24

Dr. Jackson’s Detox Tea

Because a holiday of imbibing needs a bit of clean-up.
Buy Now: $25

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Yeti Rambler Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Colster

The ultimate way to keep your brew cold.
Buy Now: $25

Izola Stainless Steel Flask

For football games, snowboarding or weekends at the cabin.
Buy Now: $29

Mazama Ware Cocktail Glass

A weighty glass perfect for your favorite single malt.
Buy Now: $34

Ila Wildflower Honey

Harvest from the Finger Lakes region of New York, this is the perfect sweetener for many cocktails.
Buy Now: $35

Sempli Stainless Steel Bottle Opener

To replace that worn out key-chain opener.
Buy Now: $35+

Daneson Single Malt Toothpicks

Boutique, boozy toothpicks for the Scotch lover in your life.
Buy Now: $36

Acacia Wood Serving Bowl

Store your citrus fruits in this handsome bowl while you make drinks for friends.
Buy Now: $50

Morris KitchenCocktail Mixers (Set of 3)

Choose from the Tequila, Vodka or Bourbon & Whiskey set.
Buy Now: $50

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