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The 15 Best Gifts Under $50 for the Chef

Our writers and editors weigh in on the best gifts under $50 to give this year.


No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, we have you covered. For our Stocking Stuffers series, our writers and editors weigh in on the best gifts under $50 to give this year.

Dirty Dick’s Tropical Twist Hot Sauce

Made with habaneros and tropical fruits, this award-winning hot sauce is a cult favorite amongst cooks and fans of copious heat.
Buy Now: $8

Microplane Fine Grater and Zester

This simple, ergonomic zester-grater is a must-have for grating fluffy parmesan and extracting more flavor from the rinds of citrus fruits.
Buy Now: $11

Opinel Les Essentials

The makers of one of our favorite utility knives also make a great set of kitchen knives. This set comes loaded with two paring knives (one with a curved “bird’s beak” blade), a serrated knife and a vegetable peeler.
Buy Now: $39

GIR 10-Inch Silicone Round Lid

GIR’s suction lids turn any bowl into a storage container. As a bonus, it’s Microwave safe and heat resistant up to 550 degrees so it can be used to cook or steam things in the microwave or oven, too.
Buy Now: $12

Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America

Michael Ruhlman’s (the best-selling author of Ratio) book on America’s grocery industry is part journalistic inquiry, part rant — and fully insightful.
Buy Now: $19

Kruve Coffee Sifter

Even top-notch coffee grinders can’t get a consistent grind, which is why Kruve’s coffee sifter is ideal for the coffee perfectionist. It sifts out grounds that are too small or too large to achieve perfect consistency for a better cup of joe.
Buy Now: $50

ChefSteps Joule Big Clamp

This heavy-duty clamp can be used to attach a sous-vide circulator to any large apparatus so you can cook even the most gratuitous amounts of meat to perfection.
Buy Now: $24

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Pigeon Toe Spoon Rest

This just might be the best-looking spoon rest you’ll ever find.
Buy Now: $24

Rancho Gordo Pinto Beans

Rancho Godo’s heirloom beans are a cut above whatever you’ll find at the grocery store — use them make refried beans, soups, casseroles and so much more.
Buy Now: $15

Entube Harissa Chili Paste

Harissa is a north African culinary staple that can be added to just about any dish. Better still, Entube’s harissa is made from natural ingredients.
Buy Now: $9

J.B. Prince Chef Gray Kunz Sauce Spoon

A favorite of many chefs, this spoon designed by legendary chef Gray Kunz is made to his exacting standards and perfect for saucing plates as well as flipping, stirring, tasting and more.
Buy Now: $20

Bee House Salt Box

This salt box is perfect for cooks who prefer to pinch salt than shake it. It’s made from stoneware in Japan and features a cypress wooden lid that absorbs moisture.
Buy Now: $23

Peugeot Paris Classic 5-Inch Pepper Mill

Peugeot’s classic pepper mill debuted over a century ago. Today’s version carries on that legacy with a classy, ergonomic shape and a smooth, consistent grinding mechanism.
Buy Now: $32

Benriner Vegetable Slicer

This mandolin allows you to easily adjust the thickness of your veggie slices. It also features a removable blade for sharpening.
Buy Now: $23

Third Wave Water

For exacting coffee lovers, this might be the final thing needed in concocting a perfect brew. Add a capsule to a gallon of distilled water to create water that meets the Specialty Coffee Association’s guidelines for water quality.
Buy Now: $15

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