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The Best Gifts for the Commuter

Finding a gift for a commuter is incredibly straightforward — it just has to make the daily back and forth a little less hellish.

Chase Pellerin

Finding a gift for a commuter is incredibly straightforward — it either has to be easy to use or deploy on the go, durable enough to last hundreds of miles to and from work or make the daily back and forth a little less hellish. If checks even just one box, you can’t go wrong. If it checks all three, you’ll look like a holiday gift god. With a few of these commuter essentials, they just might win the daily rat race.

Jerky Snob Crate Joy

Sustenance on the go is a must on any commute, but shoving the same snacks in your face day in, day out can wear thin just as quickly as a commute. Jerky Snob is a jerky of the month club subscription which delivers tasty, high-quality jerky to your door each month. Perfect for keeping the pre- and post-work hangry fits at bay.

Buy Now: $16+

Drive Coffee

If you commute by car, first you have to love your car — you spend hundreds of hours in it each year just getting to and from work. Second, coffee is a must to stay awake, alert, sane. Drive Coffee combines the love of cars and coffee with themed single-origin and blended roasts like Imola, Targa and Le Mans. If you don’t know what to get the car-coffee-loving commuter in your life, look no further.

Buy Now: $18

Gear Patrol Umbrella

Umbrellas from BLUNT are known to be ridiculously durable, tested in the worst conditions. It’s why we partnered with them to make the first Gear Patrol Umbrella. So if your commute throws rain, snow, hail or anything other than a sunny day at you, we’ve got you covered.

Buy Now: $79

iClever Himbox Bluetooth Car Adapter Kit

Vintage and analog cars have a worthy place in the modern world, but when it comes to commuting a few modern creature comforts can go a long way. The iClever Himbox Bluetooth Car Adapter Kit simply plugs into the car’s 12V outlet and immediately gives you Bluetooth functionality. Stream music, take calls and use Siri just like you would at home or, you know, in a brand new car.

Buy Now: $23

Zipcar Account

Not all commutes were created equal. If you live in the city or just outside of one, chances are public transportation plays a big part in your life and negates the need for a car altogether, but every so often it’s incredibly convenient to own your own wheels. Skip the headaches of full-time ownership and use Zipcar, an on-demand car sharing program that lets you have your own car when you need it.

Buy Now: $25

Classic Stanley 1L Vacuum Bottle and Cup

Commutes always last longer than expected right when you don’t need them to. An unfortunate side effect? Cold beverages warm up and hot beverages cool down. These are the sad facts of life. However, a Classic Stanley 1L Vacuum Bottle and Cup can keep your coffee or commuting drink of choice the temperature you like until you get to the office or back home. The vacuum insulation keeps liquids hot or cold for 24 hours — you better hope your commute doesn’t last that long.

Buy Now: $38

GP Mag Subscription

Perfect for long or short commutes. There are 200-plus pages exploring what it takes to turn an office chair into a thing of beauty, an accidental invention into a culinary essential and a 1970s French automobile into one of the most evocative cars of the last century. Plus much more.

Buy Now: $39

Bellroy Phone Case + Card Holder

Compact, intuitive, smart design — all great attributes for commuter EDC. The Bellroy Phone Case and Card Holder tick all three boxes.

Buy Now: $49

Mophie Powerstation Plus with Lightning Cable

There’s not much worse than realizing your phone didn’t charge the night before, right when a string of urgent emails come through. The Mophie Powerstation Plus with Lightning Cable will give your iPhone X 20 extra hours of life. It also comes with a wonderful-to-the-touch fabric to top off the entire experience.

Buy Now: $80

Allbirds Wool Runners

Dress shoes were not meant to be run in. Hell, they’re terrible just to speed-walk with. Allbirds Wool Runners are unbelievably soft, comfortable shoes made from wool and lightweight padding are the ideal shoe to wear between home and the office. It’s like letting your feet stay in bed while you go to work — until you get to your desk.

Buy Now: $95

DSPTCH Gym/Work Bag

Whether you like to sneak in a trip to the gym before, during or after work (or all three, if you’re an animal) you need a bag you can depend on. Separate compartments for electronics, shoes, ventilation and a moisture-resistant nylon liner means you can keep you don’t have to bring the smells of the gym back to work with you.

Buy Now: $192

Aer Tech Pack

The Tech Pack is designed to organize and protect all your tech essentials when the weather takes a turn on your way to work. A water-resistant, coated front exterior and ballistic nylon interior helps the Tech Pack stand up to whatever nature throws at it and you throw in it.

Buy Now: $200

Swims Classic Galoshes

If you’re one of the walking commuters, outside of wearing full-on rainboots, there’s almost no getting around wet feet if it rains. Swims Classic Galoshes slip right on over your regular shoes and proved the waterproofness and grip you need to get to work with socks that don’t squish with every step across the office.

Buy Now: $95

Grado GW100 Wireless Headphones

For audiophile commuters, having music to tune out the world of public transport is essential. The Grado GW100, the world’s first open-back Bluetooth headphones cut escaping sound by up to 60 percent, are lightweight, comfortable and produce just as good a sound quality as the brand’s legendary wired headphones.

Buy Now: $249

Parker Dusseau Utility Travel Blazer

The Parker Dusseau Utility Travel Blazer is the epitome of versatility. It’s a soft-shelled jacket designed as a blazer. Go ahead, wear it out in the awful weather and then walk right into the office.

Buy Now: $398

Aether Navigator Motorcycle Jacket

The motorcycle commuter arguably has the toughest transition from commute-to-office. They have to go from wearing gear and outerwear safe enough for highway speeds to office-acceptable garb, seamlessly. It’s nearly impossible, but jackets like the Aether Navigator Motorcycle Jacket make the switch over exponentially easier. Even if you don’t ride a motorcycle into work, the Navigator is worth a look.

Buy Now: $650

Lotuff Leather Zip-Top Briefcase

When it comes to briefcases, do you sacrifice form or function? Why not have both without looking like an ’80s banker or an international spy transporting nuclear codes and pick up the Lotuff Leather Zip-Top Briefcase. Slim stylish and built to last, the Lotuff Leather Zip-Top will hold all your office essentials and look good doing it.

Buy Now: $680

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