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16 Awesome Gifts for Guys Who Have Everything

Looking for a holiday gift for a guy who’s hard to shop for?


Lots of us have that one friend who already owns the latest and greatest stuff. Whether it’s the most hyped streetwear release of the week, or a sharply tailored suit from a top-rated fashion house, he’s been perpetually difficult to shop for … until now. We’ve upped the ante on run-of-the-mill menswear with 16 items that are more Billions than Bushwick, and are perfect to knock the socks off of that difficult-to-shop-for man.

Birdwell Merino Blend Hoodie

The words “luxury” and “hoodie” don’t go together often, but they do in Birdwell’s Merino-Blend Hoodie. Birdwell used a merino wool and cotton blend for its original hoodie and utilized it again for this overhauled version. It melds the comfort of cotton with wool’s hydrophobic fibers for an odor-resistant fabric that feels super soft against your skin. Every seam is carefully constructed in the US with clean link stitching for one luxurious hoodie.

Buy Now: $149

Vince Reversible Shearling Jacket

Shearling jackets are already an inherently luxe menswear product, but this reversible take from Vince ensures you’ll have plenty of versatility — the leather exterior offers a rich look, while the other side looks like the best fleece money could buy — all while looking like a certified badass.

Buy Now: $1,695

Ortus Crocodile Primula Briefcase

A truly unique and one of a kind bag — and we mean that literally: this bag is the only one of its kind in the world been made — this briefcase is a walking flex. Made entirely of crocodile skin and hand-threaded, it is the pinnacle of luxury. But what’s even more luxurious is knowing that no one else has something like it.

Buy Now: $25,000

Begg & Co. Ombré Cashmere Scarf

Hand-dyed and made from buttery soft Scottish cashmere, this ombré Begg & Co scarf is opulent way to polish off any winter outfit. When it’s blisteringly cold out, you won’t want to take it off.

Buy Now: $615

Luis Morais 14-Karat Gold Bracelet

A bracelet is an easy way to jazz up any outfit, but a golden chain will add some warmth for these colder months.

Buy Now: $17,925

Inis Meain Boatbuilder Turtleneck

Sure, a turtleneck is a menswear staple, but do you have a turtleneck that was designed to keep fishermen and boatbuilders warm in inclement weather? We bet not.

Buy Now: $595

Stuart & Lau Regimen Gym Bag

If your friend can’t stop talking about he loves blasting his quads at Equinox, this Stuart & Lau gym bag heightens a standard offering to a truly all-in-one option. With incredible features like a ventilated shoe compartment, a locker hook, phone pocket and a laptop sleeve (!) this bag has everything but the kitchen sink.

Buy Now: $395

Hans Wenger PP250 Valet Chair

This chair from Danish designer Hans Wegner doubles as a place to hang your jacket and store your cuff links — perfect for people with great taste who still have a “clothing chair” in their bedrooms (you know how it goes). It’s a perfect merger of form and function, essential for any interior design fanatic.

Learn More: Here

Edward Green Camden Boots

Made from one entire unsplit suede skin, this Chelsea boot from history-making British shoemaker Edward Green will retain its structure and shape throughout consistent use.

Buy Now: $1,530

Tateossian Globe Oceanic Cufflinks

It’s not quite like having the whole world in your hands, but it’s certainly as close as one can come to that. Made from pure silver with incredible details (the globe opens!), these cufflinks are sure to be incredible conversation starters.

Buy Now: $495

Johnston’s of Elgin Cashmere Travel Set

This suitcase-friendly travel set includes socks, an eye mask, and a blanket — all of which will make for a perfect companion for a first class trip to Kashmir … while they’re decked out in cashmere.

Buy Now: $450

Desmond & Dempsey Brushed Cotton Jersey Robe

The contrasting navy and teal design on this Desmond & Dempsey patterned robe oozes sophistication, making for a piece that seems would feel right at home among Bruce Wayne’s finest wares.

Buy Now: $220

Tom Ford Shirt and Tie Box Set

You know those pre-paired shirt and tie combinations you see at your local department store? This is the Bugatti version of that.

Buy Now: $885

Apple Watch Hermès

While a standard Apple Watch has been a gift-giving staple since its inception, the brand’s collaboration with Hermès is a perfect partnership between two companies known for their dedication to detail, design and luxury.

Buy Now: $1,249

Drake’s Handsewn Tan Carpincho Gloves

Lots of guys have cow leather gloves, but how many own versions cut from capybara? The leather from the world’s largest rodent is supple to the touch but still insanely tough and durable — which means that these gloves are actually stronger than normal leather gloves. And their provenance will make for a great talking point when you’re showing them off.

Buy Now: $275

Santos de Cartier Sunglasses

These Cartier Aviator sunglasses reference the brand’s history in flight (the first wristwatch, developed for a pilot, was Cartier) and also include an incredible leather detailing on the bridge. They’re what Maverick would have worn if he were cooler, and had $1,100 to spend on sunglasses.

Buy Now: $1,095

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