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This Father’s Day, Introduce Your Dad to Athleisure

School your dad on athleisure, then help him upgrade his active apparel to something that’s both stylish and comfy.


Despite everyone talking about athleisure — whether the trend is old hat or whether it’s thriving (it is) — chances are your dad draws a blank when the word comes up in casual conversation. What he doesn’t realize is that he already mastered athleisure’s fundamental credo: wear performance apparel all the time because it’s comfortable. All he has left to do is refine his look by swapping the baggy gray sweatpants for a pair of tapered joggers and exchanging the cotton white tee for one made of merino wool. And those chunky white sneakers officially known as dad shoes? Those gotta go.

Outdoor Voices Sunday Shorts

These might be the most comfortable shorts ever. Outdoor Voices makes them with a sweat-wicking four-way stretch fabric, so they are capable at the gym when necessary, but they really shine when all you want to do is lounge around the house.

Buy Now: $55

Janji Circuit Pullover

Rocky Balboa may have run up the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s stone steps in a gray cotton hoodie, but athletic apparel companies have created better outer layer alternatives in the years since 1976. Janji’s Circuit Pullover is a crew neck with performance features — like a notched hem for movement and a hidden pocket for a phone or credit card — that function everywhere.

Buy Now: $88

Lululemon ABC Jogger

To Lululemon, ABC stands for “anti-ball crushing,” and it describes the fit and fabric of these tapered sweats. They’re supremely comfortable and include two pockets up front as well as a zippered on in the back.

Buy Now: $128

Hoka One One Hupana Wool Sneaker

Hoka is well-known for its overbuilt, chunky-soled running shoes, but that’s not the Hupana. The Hupana aims for comfort over everything else; it does have a bouncy sole (but it isn’t overkill), and a fleecy upper that make it as cozy as a slipper.

Buy Now: $120

Stance Cartridge Wholester Underwear

There’s a reason why Stance named it’s ultra-soft, crazy smooth anti-microbial fabric “Butter Blend;” it’s wildly comfortable. But is it weird to gift your dad a pair of briefs? Get a pair for yourself and try them on, you’ll want everyone to know about comfort like this after that.

Buy Now: $35

Rhone Reign Short Sleeve

Workout tees are designed to be as comfortable as possible, but even if your dad spends few hours at the gym these days, he’ll still appreciate the chafe-free seams and anti-stink tech that Rhone built into one of its most popular shirts.

Buy Now: $64

Hill City Anorak Jacket

The tracksuit look may be showing up on fashion runways, but it still has no place in everyday life. If your dad insists on wearing a swishy wind jacket, get him something more refined, like Hill City’s anorak. It’s lightweight, water-repellant and has plenty of pockets.

Buy Now: $138

Arvin Goods The Gym Sock

You aren’t genuinely comfortable unless your feet are, and saggy cotton socks can ruin an otherwise well-thought outfit. Arvin Goods makes peds that call to mind the gym socks of decades past, but it knits them with a blend of upcycled cotton and recycled polyester for good looks and better feels.

Buy Now: $14

Nuun Rest

Sports scientists and professional athletes regard sleep as the final frontier in analyzing and improving performance. Your dad might not care about maxing out his VO2, but he probably won’t argue with a better night’s sleep either. Nuun’s Rest hydration formula uses magnesium, potassium and tart cherry extract to help the body relax and recover during sleep for a full day of dad duty the next day.

Buy Now: $14


Athleisure isn’t just about outfit, it’s a lifestyle. To fully embrace a culture based on all-day comfort and an overall healthy and active appearance, one must also begin a practice in mindfulness. Meditation — yes, that’s trendy right now too — is a good place to start, and your dad can do it right from an app on his phone.

Buy Now: $13/month

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