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11 Ways to Help Your Dad Update His EDC

If your dad’s pockets are filled with wads of paper and an oversized wallet, then you have an opportunity to give the perfect gift.


Before Father’s Day, ask your dad to turn out his pockets. If he pulls out wads of paper, a corpulent wallet and a keyring that would make a medieval prison guard envious, then he has some work to do, and you have fodder for the perfect gift. Start with the essentials: a pocket knife, a pen and a wallet, and then move outward from there.

Montblanc Men’s Explorer Eau de Parfum Spray

Everyone needs a little help keeping fresh all day long — even Dad. A sensible addition to his everyday routine is a rugged and adventurous fragrance that works for morning meetings as well as hitting the links or sitting down to dinner. Explorer from Montblanc offers a woody aromatic leather fragrance created with natural ingredients from around the globe — fresh green Italian bergamot juxtaposes with a powerful vetiver from Haiti and a rich patchouli from Indonesia for a strong, crisp scent that can keep dad smelling good anytime, anywhere.

Buy Now: $98

Leatherman Free P2 Multi-tool

Leatherman’s newest multi-tool is also its best. Thanks to a new construction that includes magnets, you can flip each one of the 19 included tools open with one hand and enjoy a satisfying click when it locks into place. Welcome to the future, Dad.

Buy Now: $120

The James Brand Ellis

Maybe your dad doesn’t have enough need for the screwdrivers, wire stripper, awl and other somewhat-obscure tools built into a full-sized multi-tool. If that’s the case, get him the Ellis instead — it has a partially serrated knife, a bottle opener with a flathead end and a scraper tool. Those will get him through most of the tasks he’s likely to encounter.

Buy Now: $99

Wesn Ti Microblade

At first, your dad might scoff at this USB-sized pocket knife. But then he’ll loop it onto his keychain, and he’ll use it to open boxes, cut twine, slice up salami and do other things that dads do with knives. And after that, he won’t shut up about how useful and cool his tiny new knife is.

Buy Now: $50

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

Why is it that all dads carry brick-sized wallets? They can fit more than ten cards and as much cash — coins included — as they want in this minimal billfold from Bellroy (and save money on trips to the chiropractor as a result).

Buy Now: $85

Muyshondt Aeon Mk. III Flashlight

Heavy Maglite flashlights have a particular oversized appeal to them, but they’re a little big for an EDC that can genuinely be described with the word “everyday.” Muyshondt’s light is more expensive, but it’s tiny, just as durable and really, really bright.

Buy Now: $295

Inventery Bolt Action Pen Small

The pen is supposed to be mightier than the sword (or in this case, a pocket knife). That rule is certainly true when applied to Inventery’s Bolt Action Pen, which the brand machines from raw brass stock.

Buy Now: $60

Field Notes Expedition 3-Pack

The 48 pages inside each of these notebooks are made with waterproof, rip-proof Yupo Synthetic paper, so your dad won’t have to be too precious with his most important thoughts and ideas.

Buy Now: $13

CRKT Knife Maintenance Tool

There are plenty more elaborate tools for keeping knives sharp, but CRKT’s keychain-sized Knife Maintenance Tool is enough for basic upkeep. Taking care of your things is important; remember when your dad taught you that?

Buy Now: $22

Nite Ize S-Biner 3-Pack

These S-shaped carabiners aren’t for rock climbing, but they’re perfect for organizing keys, hanging things from pegs in the garage and acting as makeshift clothes hangers. The 3-Pack offers multiple sizes for whatever end use Dad comes up with.

Buy Now: $7

LifeProof LifeActiv Power Pack 10 Qi Wireless

Having a backup charge for a phone, tablet or other device is never a bad idea. Neither is an external battery that’s drop-proof, dirt-proof and waterproof. LifeProof bulked up its Power Pack with these traits and didn’t skimp on wireless charging capability either. Bonus: An ultra-bright built-in LED means Dad’s new battery charger is also a flashlight.

Buy Now: $100

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