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Some of the Best Upgrades For Your Dad’s Daily Driver

A creature comfort here or a subtle-but-useful upgrade there can go a long way to improving your dad’s day-to-day driving experience.


Customizing your daily driver to suit your personal taste and needs is just as paramount as fixing up your house and yard to your liking. It’s your main mode of transportation; you spend hours in it every week commuting and road-tripping. Your car should be as unique as you are.

But, if you’re looking for gifts for your dad’s daily driver, keep in mind “customizing” doesn’t necessarily mean going full-blown Fast and the Furious on his everyday ride. A creature comfort here or a subtle-but-useful upgrade there can go a long way to improving your dad’s day-to-day driving experience.

Bosch Icon wiper blade

You probably don’t think about your windshield wipers until it rains — and when the skies open up, you expect them to perform, because, well you need to see the road. If you have good wipers like the Bosch Icon, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The Icon has a flexible asymmetric spoiler that distributes pressure evenly at highway speeds, and a tension spring that ensures an efficient contact no matter where the wiper is on the windshield. Dad won’t think about it most of the time, but when it starts to pour, he’ll be grateful you got him Bosch Icons.

Buy Now: $19

Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera

If your dad’s daily driver is on the less-than-modern side and lacks a few technological innovations, the Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera is a quick solution to the problem of poor rear visibility. It works with most Garmin Drive and GPS devices, transmitting wireless video when reversing and easily switching back to navigation when not in use.

Buy Now: $133

Careud Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System

One of the most important pieces of data to monitor on a car before, during and after long stints on the road is tire pressure. Of course, no one wants to rummage for the old tire pressure pen every time they stop — which is why the Careud Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a true luxury. With it, dad can accurately monitor the air pressure of each tire and receive high- and low-pressure warnings, all from inside the car while on the go.

Buy Now: $70

Directed Electronics Inc 4806P Python LED 2-Way Remote Start System

In a practical sense, the Python Remote Start System comes in handy when the temperatures plummet and running out to warm up the car is a chore dad wouldn’t like to do. With this starter, he can stay inside in his pajamas and start the car as he sips his morning coffee. (Or, if he has a sports car with a wonderful exhaust, listening to the car bark to life while standing behind it is always nice too.)

Buy Now: $157

Lifehammer Safety Hammer

The Lifehammer Safety Hammer is one of those gifts you hope your dad never has to use, but gives you a piece of mind knowing it’s right there. The double-sided hammer easily breaks non-laminated glass, and the seatbelt cutter is…well, pretty self-explanatory.

Buy Now: $15

BumpShox Xl Licence Plate Frame / Bumper Guard

It goes without saying your dad loves his daily driver, so why not protect it against the careless parallel parkers in the neighborhood with the simple addition of a BumpShox Xl Licence Plate Frame. It puts a safe buffer between your dad’s bumper and the cringe-worthy parkers you see all too often out there.

Buy Now: $35

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