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The Best Gifts to Get Your Dad for His Garage

Having trouble finding a Father’s Day gift? Get him these gifts to help him improve his garage.


We all need a sanctuary. For some of us, it could be the basement; for others, the bedroom; for many, the great outdoors themselves serve that purpose, their endless space providing the separation that doors and walls do in more densely populated places. But for many people — especially dads — the garage is a place of rest and respite. Whether it’s as simple as an easy chair and a radio to sit and relax alongside his car or a full-blown man-cave, the garage can serve as a place for a little peaceful introspection…as well as a spot to monkey around with tools.

So whether it’s for Father’s Day, his birthday or any other holiday, why not set your dad up with a few items that’ll enrich his automotive-themed sanctum on the edge of the house? Any of the following items is sure to both show that you care and help make his garage the envy of the neighborhood.

Mechanix Wear Original Covert Gloves

A good set of work gloves is invaluable in the garage. And sometimes, it’s hard to beat a classic; these Mechanix mitts have been keeping dads’ hands dry and safe for years, for good reason.

advance auto parts: $20amazon: $21

Prime 4-Outlet Portable Power Station

Outlets are always a valuable commodity in the garage; there’s rarely enough, and even if there are, they might not be where you need them. This power station can bring four plugs up to 25 feet away from the nearest three-prong.

BUY NOW: $30

Titan Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up Tool

It happens to everyone: you get distracted for a second, and boom, that screw or bolt has fallen out of reach behind some immovable obstacle. Give your dad the next best thing to Magneto’s powers with this magnetic reacher, which can lift metal objects weighing up to five pounds from a full yard away.

amazon: $7

Meguiar’s Essential All-in-One Car Care Kit

If your dad finds washing his car a chore to be savored rather than a task to be outsourced to a machine, help him make the most of it with this comprehensive kit, which has everything he needs to have his car looking squeaky-clean from bumper to bumper.

BUY NOW: $54

Tire Rack Tire Garage

When garage space is precious, why bother wasting it on tires? The marine-grade weatherproof covering keeps a stack of tires clean and dry even when they’re stored outside, freeing up space in the garage for more important things (like that reading nook you’ve always wanted).

BUY NOW: $53

TEQ Correct 3-Ton SUV Trolley Jack

If dad needs to lift his car or truck up to change a tire or get underneath it for some reason, odds are good he’ll want a good, strong jack to have his back. This example is strong enough to lift 6,000 pounds of American iron up to 21 inches off the ground.

BUY NOW: $75

Dewalt Mechanics Tool Set, 205-Piece Set

If your dad likes to work on his car (or his lawnmower, or tractor, or any other piece of machinery), odds are good he appreciates the value of a good set of tools. This 205-piece masterpiece has practically everything he’ll ever need that doesn’t require electrical or pneumatic power.

Amazon: $135Walmart: $205

Pro-Lift Foldable Z Creeper

If dad likes to work on cars, then a creeper is an absolute must for his garage — unless he wants to wreck his back. This sturdy unit can handle up to 450 pounds, and converts into a handy seat in seconds without the help of tools, too.

amazon: $114

Milwaukee M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 1/2 Inch Drill/Driver

For those tasks that do require more than you can accomplish with hand tools, a power drill/driver can come in awfully handy. This little beauty is both compact and powerful, making it a great addition to any garage.

BUY NOW: $169

NewAir G56 Garage Heater

Is dad’s garage lacking in direct heat? Insulation? Both? Never fear — this powerful space heater is here, capable of warming up even an 800-square-foot garage to 95º Fahrenheit.

amazon: $176

SystemBuild Utility Storage Cabinet

A garage, by definition, is a place to store stuff — so anything that makes it easier to store more stuff, by nature, improves it. This utility closet looks nice enough to go in the house, yet has the flexibility your garage needs.

BUY NOW: $263

Cub Cadet XR3 4000 Robot Mower

Want to show dad that he’s made it to the future he saw on The Jetsons as a kid? Buy him a robot lawnmower. Sure, it may a bit pricey, but you know he’ll talk about it for the rest of his life.

BUY NOW: $2,799

Goplus Rolling Mechanics Tool Cart

A tool cart can serve many purposes: a place to rest objects, a prop to hold things in place, and of course, as a handy spot to keep your tools close to wherever you’re working. We guarantee your dad can probably think of a few more ways to use it, too.

BUY NOW: $170

Workshop 12-Gallon Wet/Dry Vac

Spills are inevitable, and the ones in the garage can be a little trickier to clean than the average one inside the house. A good wet/dry vacuum can be the difference between a quick clean-up and a long hour spent mopping up the floor.

tractor supply: $99Amazon: $111

Homelabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

Should your dad count himself among the legions of Americans who likes to retire to the solitude of the garage for a beer every now and again, he’d probably appreciate a place to keep it out there. This free-standing fridge can hold up to 120 12-ounce cans, can be rearranged to hold anything from soda cans to wine bottles — and has a glass door, so dad can choose what he wants without opening the door and holding himself open to the ridicule he’d always levy at you when you used to hold the fridge open while making a decision.

amazon: $300

Pull N Wipe Antimicrobial Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (pack of 100)

These days, none of us take paper towels for granted. So instead of making dad compete with the rest of the family for Bounty, hook him up with a mighty supply of shop rags. Not only are they just as useful as paper towels for garage use; plus, they can be washed and reused.

BUY NOW: $29

Bayco Fluorescent Light

If your dad often winds up cursing the lack of good light in his garage when working on the car, you should show that you’re listening. This fluorescent light can be hung up or go hand-held, while the bulb pumps out the daylight-like 6500-Kelvin light similar to a 125-watt incandescent bulb.

BUY NOW: $120

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool

Dad may be able to diagnose any problem on an old car by sight or sound, but tech-packed new rides can be a little harder to understand. Help him look under the hood of his new car with this OBDII scan tool, which pairs with his smartphone via Bluetooth to help him determine what’s wrong — and how to fix it.

BUY NOW: $100

Buffalo Tools Industrial Rubber Floor Mat

No, it’s not very sexy or cool. But a couple hours of standing at his work bench with this beneath his feet instead of the cement floor will have your dad singing your praises.

BUY NOW: $40

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