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The Best Gifts for the Guy Who Has Everything

Gift-shopping for the guy who has it all is a tall order.



He’s got it all. The nice watches, the fancy clothes, the latest tech — there’s nothing that’s out there that he doesn’t already own. Or is there? For the guy who has everything, finding the right gift is a challenge, but not impossible. From 30-year-old bourbon to bespoke bicycles built by a former jeweler to Texas-smoked “dino” ribs, these are the gifts he definitely does not have.

Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression Automatic Black Stainless Steel Watch

Price: $1,395
From: Zodiac.com

This blacked-out Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression from Zodiac is the perfect watch for the hard-to-shop-for man on your list. Its matte black stainless steel case and matching black dial make it stand out from the crowd, and also lend the diver a distinctly modern-yet-classic appearance. It’s powered by a Swiss automatic STP 3-13 movement too, so it’s undeniably reliable. But if you are worried about functionality, the lume hands glow blue, adding an icy pop.


1. Lorenzi Milano Mother-of-Pearl Caviar Spoon

Price: $110
From: mrporter.com

Whether or not he was fed with a silver spoon, you can feed him all the fish eggs his stomach can handle with this spoon made from real mother of pearl, which doesn’t tinge the taste of caviar. Because, why was he eating his caviar from anything else? Or, he can add this to his everyday carry as part of his sustainable lifestyle.


2. Bas and Lokes Everett Suede Watch Strap

Price: $160
From: basandlokes.com

Bas and Lokes makes semi-bespoke leather goods in Australia. The Everett is one of the softest, most comfortable watch straps I’ve ever tried, and it’s available in custom lengths and tapers, and with your choice of buckle finish. Money well spent.


3. Manifest Butter Bike Bags

Price: $175
From: manifestbutter.com

When three-time Olympian and two-time world champion cyclist Taylor Phinney announced that he was retiring from competing earlier this year, he did so via Instagram. “In the battle between Art and Sport, ART WON,” he wrote. But instead of leaving one for the other, Phinney has blended the two creatively through a brand called Manifest Butter. His hand-painted handlebar bags are one of a kind, so there’s no chance the bike rider on your list has anything close to it. (To see Manifest Butter’s current selection, use the password (R).)


4. Louie Mueller Barbecue Colossal “Dino” Beef Ribs

Price: $199
From: goldbelly.com

In the world of regionally-specific barbecue, the tender, long-smoked beef from Central Texas stands out. While there are countless restaurants offering delicious versions of time-honored recipes, Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor is often mentioned in revered tones. If you can’t make the pilgrimage there, order it online to be shipped anywhere in the U.S.


Gear Patrol Magazine Subscription

Price: $39
From: store.gearpatrol.com

Gear Patrol Magazine is a deep dive into product culture. Inside each issue, you’ll find seasonal buying guides, rich maker profiles and long-form dispatches from the front lines of product design. Get four print magazines — delivered quarterly — with an annual subscription.


5. Leopold FC980C Keyboard

Price: $310
From: amazon.com

You may think of them as garish, black-and-neon green monstrosities, but mechanical keyboards aren’t just gaudy gamer garbage. The Leopold FC980 is a different breed, with luxurious “Topre” switches beneath its keys that give typing a delightful sound and snap sensation that is impossible to adequately describe with words alone. He may never have heard of it, but he instantly won’t know how he lived without one.


6. Byredo Night Veils Sellier Extrait de Parfum

Price: $320
From: nordstrom.com

Every guy would do well to find a fragrance that suits him. This one from parfumeur Byredo concentrates the nostalgic and unmistakable smell of fine leather. So, it’s perfectly suited for that rare 30-year-old bourbon and Atelier bespoke Savas leather jacket.


7. Sam Lee Book Ends

Price: $350
From: samleehello.com

Leather-bound or not, a collection of books deserves a beautiful pair of book ends. This one from San Francisco-based ceramicist Sam Lee will keep his collection of first-edition prints upright — it doubles as a pair of vases, too.


8. Minolta CLE

Price: $500+
From: ebay.com

Simply one of the best 35mm rangefinder cameras ever produced. It was designed when a partnership was developed between Leica and Minolta in the 1970s. Bonus points if you can find one of the 300 gold-plated ones released only in Japan.


9. Jacques Marie Mage Akira Sunglasses

Price: $555
From: jacquesmariemage.com

These thick oval sunglasses pay homage to Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. The sculpted 10mm acetate frame features Sterling silver arrowhead front pins and custom spur-shaped rivets, and the purple CR39 lenses have an anti-reflective treatment. This style is limited to 400 pieces worldwide.


10. Masa Dinner Reservations

Price: $595+
From: masanyc.com

He doesn’t have to travel all the way to Japan to get one of the best Japanese meals on Earth. Started by chef Masa Takayama, Masa offers a traditional omakase experience with a two-hour journey through a pre-fix menu of the best fish anywhere. The restaurant was awarded three Michelin stars in 2009 and continues to wow guests from around the world.


11. Vermicular Musui-Kamado

Price: $670
From: vermicular.com

For the guy who already has all his cookware needs covered, and a little extra storage space, too, Vermicular’s enameled cast iron pot features a lid so tight that it can make soups and stews without the need for added water or broth; it simply traps steam from slow-cooked vegetables. It can also make the best damn rice outside Japan.


12. Wild Turkey “Cheesey Gold Foil” Bourbon Whiskey

Price: ~$750
From: wildturkeybourbon.com

Bottled between 1985 to 1992, Wild Turkey’s 12-year-old, 101 proof bourbon is a cult obsession. Its name comes from its chintzy, reflective wrapper, but it’s the remarkably fatty, oily, rich whiskey inside that’s made it famous. There’s a near-zero percent chance you (or your friend who has everything) can find this on shelves still, and collectors who have held onto bottles nearing three decades won’t part with them easily, but if you’re willing to pony up on price you’ll be gifting one of the weirdest whiskey hits in years.


13. Naim Audio Mu-so Qb 2

Price: $899
From: adorama.com

The second-generation Qb is a compact wireless speaker that’s, quite frankly, a little bit of a unicorn. That’s because in this age of streaming, this is a speaker that encourages the listener to touch the speaker it. Why? It has the probably the best volume dial in all of speakers — it’s wonderful.


14. Atelier Savas Denham Jacket

Price: $2700
From: ateliersavas.com

For the past five years, Savas founder Savannah Yarborough has been crafting one-of-a-kind leather pieces for customers like Jack White, Jason Isbell and Chris Young. This year Yarborough started offering made-to-measure jackets for men, a stepping-stone to the full ready-to-wear line that is now available online. The suede Denham jacket features four pockets, brass snaps and double-needle stitching.


15. Texas Traditions Bespoke Cowboy Boots

Price: $2900+
From: instagram.com

Yes, bespoke cowboy boots are a thing, a thing he doesn’t have. Texas Traditions founder Lee Miller’s boots are legendary not only in the world of cowboy boots, but the shoemaking world at large. His bespoke boot process involves a visit to his studio, a suite of calculated foot measurements, making a foot last unique to you and a four-year wait list.


16. Hartley Cycles London Bespoke Bicycle

Price: Available Upon Request
From: hartleycycles.com

Former jeweler and silversmith Caren Hartley went on to embrace metal sculpting and large scale public art before turning her talents to handmade bicycles. She employs a variety of metalworking techniques to craft bespoke bikes that are truly one of a kind. Just make sure to pair this gift with the biggest, meanest U-lock you can find.


17. Brown Chronos 4218 Watch Safe

Price: $79,950
From: brownsafe.com

For the watch guy who has everything, he needs a place to safely put it. Brown is a maker of all kinds of safes, even supplying governments, and the Chronos specifically incorporates watch winders and other storage features meant just for watches. Bond villains could hardly do better than Brown’s mixture of craftsmanship and technology, and customers can further add options and customizations as far as their budget will allow.


18. Virgin Galactic Space Flight

Price: $250,000
From: virgingalactic.com

At the time of writing this, there have only ever been 536 people who have visited space. Also at the time of writing this, he is not one of them. The commercial space race is still being run and Virgin Galactic has put up flights to the final frontier up for sale at $250,000 a seat. Unfortunately, they’re already sold out. But, get his name on the list and he might get lucky.


19. Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+

Price: Available Upon Request
From: bugatti.com

It’s the fastest freakin’ production car in the history of the world, that’s why it’s dope. But not only is it capable of going 304 miles per hour, it’s also comfortable enough to be your daily driver. Laden with technology and advanced materials and limited to just a handful of examples, it’s a car any true gearhead would be proud to own… though most will never be able to.


The Topo Designs x Gear Patrol Backpack Tote

Price: $139
From: store.gearpatrol.com

The Topo Designs x Gear Patrol Backpack Tote offers the same kind of versatility and utility for urban dwelling that technical packs offer for off-the-grid adventures. With a sleek silhouette constructed from 1000D Cordura and X-Pac, and four distinct ways to carry, the Backpack Tote is a great gift for city dwellers, subway commuters and people on the go.


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