The Best Watches to Give Dad For Father’s Day

Give him the time of day.

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There’s a good reason dads and sons gift each other watches. Ask a bunch of men what gift they wish they’d gotten to give their fathers, and their answers will be a single gut punch: time together.

That’s not guaranteed by giving a watch — you could ship it to him while he’s halfway across the world, of course — but the point is this: every time he looks at his wrist to tell the time, he’ll think of you. And maybe his next thought will be that it’s time for a call to check-in, and maybe plan some future adventures. It’s a lovely gift, isn’t it?

If you’re going to gift a watch, though, don’t just head to the mall. Spending a little more to upgrade from a “fashion” watch is a must. Start with these great watch options for dad.

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Timex Q Reissue
timex q reissue

He’s a throwback to a better time, and so is Timex’s Q Reissue. It sold out in a snap when first introduced for a reason: it’s one of the coolest affordable steel sports watches out there, capturing the ‘70s vibes of the original, but without all the hassle (or expense) of a vintage watch.

Price: $179+


Mr Jones a Perfectly Useless Afternoon
mr jones a perfectly useless afternoon
Mr Jones Watches

Dad likes to chill? Get him a chill watch then. This one from the British maker Mr Jones tells the time by the stretched legs of a figure floating around a pool and the position of a tiny duck. Oh, the time? Looks like it’s about…time for a beer.

Price: $225


Seiko Solar Arnie
seiko solar arnie

Dad like doing big, bold adventures? Or just like Schwarzennegger movies? Either will make him a great candidate for Seiko’s “Solar Arnie,” or more formally, the SNJo25. At 47.8mm, this watch is an absolute beast. Its solar-powered quartz movement will keep on ticking for as long as he’ll wear it. And with its chronograph, alarm and second time zones, it’s as versatile as he is.

Price: $525


Autodromo Group B Automatic
autodromo group b automatic

For the driving dad, there’s nothing better than a racing-inspired watch. He can time himself, sure — but really, he’ll look and feel the part when he gets in the driver’s seat. Autodromo does it their own way, with a titanium and stainless steel case construction, integrated stainless steel bracelet and looks straight out of the 1980s. Lucky for dad, this latest batch can be preordered now and ships around June 10.

Price: $975


Hamilton Intra-Matic
hamilton intra matic

There’s just something so Ocean’s 11 about this watch. If dad likes to feel cool and sleek about town — but always with a glint in his eye that keeps the neighbors guessing — then what could be better than a thin, sunburst-gray-dialed dress watch?

Price: $845


Junghans Max Bill Automatic
junghans max bill automatic

Or maybe your dad has great style, but hasn’t yet landed on the right timepiece to finish off his look consistently. That would call for the Junghans Max Bill Automatic, one of the cleanest watches ever designed. Bauhaus, slim and deadly on a leather strap: You might have to pry this thing off his wrist.

Price: $965


Gear Patrol Studios
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