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Kit: A Better Night’s Sleep

You shouldn’t need a reason to get more sleep, but we’ll happily lay the facts out for you anyway. According to National Institute of Health sleep expert Dr.



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You shouldn’t need a reason to get more sleep, but we’ll happily lay the facts out for you anyway. According to National Institute of Health sleep expert Dr. Merrill Mitler, “Sleep services all aspects of our body in one way or another: molecular, energy balance, as well as intellectual function, alertness and mood.” Also, don’t buy into the hype surrounding sleeping less as a trait shared by the uber successful. It’s simply not true for the average joe. In Mitler’s words, “when we look at well-rested people, they’re operating at a different level than people trying to get by on one or two hours less nightly sleep.”

While there are countless factors that can prevent you from getting your fair share of beauty sleep, a poorly equipped place of rest shouldn’t be one of them. The path to a better night’s sleep starts here.

ComforPedic iQ Mattress

The right mattress is everything when it comes to sleep. Simmons has focused on making them great since 1870 and their latest ComforPedic iQ is a new pinnacle in mattress design. As the world’s first and only mattress to combine Ultra Cool Memory Foam with revolutionary, patented Smart Response Technology, it’s built from the ground up to help owners fall asleep quicker and increase REM sleep*. Sixteen internal chambers naturally adapt to the sleeper’s body without the need for clunky motors, while the specialized cooling memory foam keeps temperatures comfortable. Don’t get confused. This isn’t the waterbed of the SnapChat generation. It’s a revolution in sleep.

*These were the average results experienced by 20 participants in a Temple School of Medicine sleep study as measured comparing their sleep quality on a ComforPedic iQ sleep system versus a relatively new current mattress.

Learn More: Here

Room&Board Moro Queen Bed

Ok, you’re right. A designer bed frame isn’t the key to daily rejuvenation. But a welcoming atmosphere can make picking between late night SportsCenter repeats and shut-eye an easier decision. Room&Board’s Moro bed frame combines Vermont craftsmanship with a hint of Japanese aesthetics. It’s East meets West, Yin and Yang. Let it bring balance to your bedroom in one of five wood finishes and finally have that IKEA bed frame bonfire you’ve always dreamed about.

Buy Now: $2,899

Philips Wake-Up Light with Colored Sunrise Simulation

It turns out that after years of technological advancement our bodies still respond best to the natural light rhythms produced by the rising and setting of the sun. The Philips Wake-Up Light with color sunrise simulation helps mimic these celestial patterns, gradually increasing light output over a 30-minute period. That burgeoning light also shifts from soft morning red to orange and eventually to bright yellow, helping you awake naturally as your ancestors once did and the Amish still do. There’s a choice between soothing sounds too for you hibernating types.

Buy Now: $140

DesignWright Titan LED Clock Radio

Don’t trust an advanced lightbulb to get you to work on time? DesignWright’s Titan LED Clock Radio and alarm has a few things going for it. Unlike your phone, there’s far less potential for digital distractions (stop checking Rihanna’s Instagram feed, at 6 a.m., please), though it still sports an AM/FM radio and easy-to-smash snooze button. Placing the LED display behind the speaker grill is also easier on the eyes at night, helping you stay drowsy even after a late-night glance at the time.

Buy Now: $97

Design Within Reach Reversible Coverlet

This blanket for all seasons features 80 percent felt on one side and a blend of 52 percent linen and 48 percent cotton on the other, keeping you cozy year round.

Buy Now: $650

DwellStudio Linen Smoke Sheet Set

Nearly any sheet set works during the colder winter months. Summer’s a different story. Linen’s cooling powers are well known to most, but the rough texture doesn’t scream comfort. DwellStudio’s solves the downside thanks to an enzyme wash that relaxes the fibers and adds softness.

Buy Now: $119

SleepRate Sleep Improvement Kit

Fitness trackers and apps that claim to analyze your sleep patterns are as prevalent TV talent shows these day. SleepRate’s Sleep Improvement Kit stands out from the crowd thanks to a hefty scientific pedigree. Leveraging data from a heart rate monitor as well as sounds via your iPhone’s microphone for five consecutive nights, the app sends your data to the Cloud for analysis based on algorithms developed at The Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine. Once the technical leg work is done, the app provides a customized sleep assessment report as well as easy changes you can make to your night time routine to rest easier. The kit includes a comfortable heart rate monitor from Poler, but if you happen to already own one, you can also sign up for the improvement plan alone and save $20.

Buy Now: $100


Blue light’s detrimental effects on our circadian rhythm are well documented at this point. F.lux is a free app for desktops and jail-broken iPhones that shifts the color of your screens throughout the day, changing their light output to a more orange hue during the evening. If you insist on staying connected until the bitter end, installing f.lux can change your life for the better.

Learn More: Here

Hotel Collection Primaloft Down Alternative Density Pillows

All pillows aren’t created equal. There are entire sites like Sleep Like The Dead and The Wirecutter devoted to separating the firm facts from the fluff. The general consensus is that alternative down makes the best stuffing, because it’s cool, comfortable, odorless, easy to clean and relatively affordable. These Macy exclusives scored the highest on all major categories in The Wirecutter‘s exhaustive pillow test, but didn’t receive the top recommendation because of their steep price tag compared to other solid options. Still, if you’re looking for the best pillow out there and treat money like Hulk Hogan treats spandex, these are the pillows for you.

Buy Now: $100+

Bucky 40 Blinks Eye Mask

Personally, we don’t see the appeal of wearing eye masks at home. Why not just buy blackout curtains (or decide not to live in Times Square)? In the spirit of different strokes for different folks, though, we give you the Bucky 40 Blinks Eye Mask, which excels thanks to a smart, featherweight design that removes pressure from the eyes and even leaves room for blinking. The strap is also buckle-less, ensuring you don’t scratch yourself or any other blindfolded “partners” in bed with you.

Buy Now: $13

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