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Postcard: The World’s Largest Private Movie Collection

16,000 titles on LaserDisc, DVD and Blu-Ray… and Theo Kalomirakis somehow keeps track of them.

Henry Phillips

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12:15PM EST | Brooklyn, USA – Theo Kalomirakis, founder and president of TK Theaters, calls himself a diehard movie collector. His DVDs, Blu-Rays, and even LaserDiscs (that he has two players for) total more than 16,000. The collection looks limitless, occupying three U-shaped cabinets and a long glass wall, reaching 12 feet up beyond anyone’s reach without a ladder. The films span time and distance, from 3-D Hollywood blockbusters to European independent to all of the Home Alone movies. It’s alphabetized by necessity and archived in an iPhone app; losing something would be a nightmare. In an era when few people buy psychical content, Kalomirakis purchases 40 to 50 discs a month, searching through Japanese and Swedish blogs to find out more about upcoming releases. “I don’t spend a lot of money but I do buy a lot of DVDs — that’s my biggest expense”, Kalomirakis said. He watches the films on his state-of-the-art theater right off his collection hallway. And like any movie buff, he makes it out to the movie theater once in a while, even though it looks and sounds better 15 feet from his kitchen.

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