Best Made Company Axes

The Axe George Washington Would Have Used, In 2009


The duo behind Best Made Company (designer and author Peter Buchanan-Smith, and outdoorsman and environmental entrepreneur Graeme Cameron) aim to make you rethink the value of a quality axe. The two are men with accomplishments and experiences befitting of men you’d trust to construct a quality axe: building hand-hewn log cabins, winning Grammy awards, rugby, whiskey, slingshots, and hardwood fires. Men, like you, the Gear Patrol reader.

The small batch heirloom quality axes are painstakingly handcrafted in a New Jersey workshop with the utmost care. The newly founded Best Made Company make each and every axe to order (1-5 weeks) and tout that whether you’re chopping down a White Pine, giving someone a unique gift, or simply mounting it on your high-rise condo’s wall, a Best Made Company Axe will assuredly feel at home in all three.

Cost: $200+

Best Made Company Axe Gallery

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