Smeg Refrigerators

An Appliance with Curves from a Bygone Era


Stainless steel may be all the rage for modern kitchen appliances, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only option available for those in search of panache and functionality. Mimicking classic 50’s styling, these colored throw backs would have seemed quite at home in the kitchens of Marilyn Monroe or Elvis. Don’t let their looks fool you though; just because they lack integrated LCD’s in the front door panel doesn’t mean they fall short of basic storage needs. In terms of internal organization, these Smeg’s are coated with an antibacterial interior and feature 3 adjustable glass shelves, 1 bottle storage shelf, 1 fruit and vegetable drawer, and a dairy box. Door space includes 2 egg bins, 2 bottle storage bins, and 2 additional cover bins for securing loose items. A freezer compartment is also built in, albeit without a separate door to access it, which is slighty irksome.

Of course, compared to everything but the nicest Subzero’s, Smeg’s are quite pricey and clearly charge a hefty premium for their hip retro appeal. That said our take on the Smeg is similar to our stance on home furniture such as Emes lounge chair. Though the comparison of appliances and home furniture shouldn’t ever be one to one just from differences in life spans, if you are the type whose willing to shell out cash for unique furniture to make your home’s interior everything you dreamed of, then why shouldn’t the same logic be applied to the kitchen? It is after the place most owners spend a disproportionate amount of time in. Do others agree? Let us know your take in the comments below and check out bigger shots of the fridges.

Cost: $2,000

Smeg Refrigerators

Ben Bowers is the chief content officer and co-founder of Gear Patrol.
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