Big Ass Fans Powerfoil X

No Seriously, This is One Big Ass Fan


Unless you fondly call your den “Costco” then you probably don’t have a room as large as the behemoth warehouse pictured above. Regardless, we’re willing to throw a cool c-note down that you’ve seen that fan or a variation of it somewhere – most likely that last part of IKEA where everyone’s scrambling around looking for furniture pieces in aisles Q32, F5, and B18. Those massive air-movers have a name: Big Ass Fans (appallingly appropriate), and the one you see before you is the gargantuan Powerfoil X ($3,000+) in its Plus variation.

The Powerfoil X is a properly engorged air-mover with a wingspan that measures anywhere from 8 to 24 feet. Not just a, well, big ass fan, the Powerfoil X is properly modern. It comes outfitted with an advanced digital control wall panel, patented airfoil and winglet, NitroSeal custom gearbox with helical gears and lifetime synthetic lubricants, and optional lights, detectors, or even security camera (eye in the sky). In case you’re wondering what kind of air this puppy moves just know that it can cover a whopping 30,000 square feet or roughly enough for your ideal garage.

Buy Now: $3,000+

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