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Allsop WheelEasy Folding Carts

Great Design to Save Your Spine


Most homeowners are painfully aware that with the heat of summer comes yard work. Rather than break your back lugging brush and debris to the curb with your standard wheelbarrow, pick up an Allsop WheelEasy Folding Cart ($65). The WheelEasy container is composed of a vinyl-coated denier nylon that expands to a 3-cubic-foot basin when filled while supporting up to 150-pounds thanks to its industrial strength seams. Outside of saving space while collapsed, the main benefit to this cart’s design is that it can lay it flat while you fill it (leaves, mulch, stones, etc). It’s also built with a lower center of gravity than typical wheelbarrows making it easier to lift heavy loads. If there’s a need for us to explain how much of revolution these features are in the world of lawn care, then you’ve clearly never managed your own personal jungle.

Buy Now: $65

Ben Bowers is the chief content officer and co-founder of Gear Patrol.
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