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Duplo-Dinamico Rotating Ceiling Fan

Unique Breeze


Sometimes you need a fan in a tight spot. Sometimes your room doesn’t warrant a Big Ass Fan. Sometimes you just want something to look at and either laugh or fondly admire. The Duplo-Dinamico ($1,000+) and its smaller, single brother Bianca ($451) fit that bill. Not only do they make for vertically aspirated conversations, but also move a sizable amount of air. Constructed entirely of cast aluminum and heavy gauge spun/stamped steel with marbelized Bakelite motor mount & fan head knob detailing, the fans are also Underwriters Laboratories listed (you know, the “UL” sticker) and available in polished chrome, brushed nickel, polished copper, bronzette powdercoat (shown), or black nickel. Problem is, we can’t help feeling like these belong in the modern-day house of Silver Spoons’ Ricky Stratton.

Buy Now: Duplo-Dinamico ($1,000-$1,400) | Bianca ($450-$600)

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