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Hario Cold Water Coffee Dripper

Delayed caffeination


Sometimes good things come to those that wait, and when it comes to producing a good cup of joe, about 12 hours is all it takes, unless there’s a Blue Bottle Coffee nearby. The Hario Cold Water Coffee Dripper ($265) is a no-frills version of more eccentric slow-drip coffee makers, which have been making the rounds at trendy coffee shops around the country. A bit skeptical of waiting half a day for a pot of coffee, instead of running to Starbucks? It’s dead simple to use and if you’re stressing the time, just start the brew the night before — it will be ready for your morning slog to work. Since the coffee is brewed with without heat, the result is a coffee that’s less acidic, remarkably mellow and subtle enough for you to experience the flavors that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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