This Sit-Stand Desk Will Help You Get More Work Done at Home


“We’ve developed the kit you need for the perfect home workspace,” said Knoll design director Benjamin Pardo. “As we become accustomed to new work styles in the office and at home, designing a modern, comfortable and affordable personalized space for remote work is increasingly important.”

Pardo couldn't be more right. If you're like us, you've seen the importance of having a comfortable, dedicated workspace firsthand. But if you're still trying to work from your dining room table, or even worse, your couch, a sit-stand workstation is just what you need to revolutionize your remote work setup — especially if your space is limited. Enter the Knoll + Muuto Hipso, bringing proven performance and a new perspective on Scandinavian design to your space.

knoll furniture


Easy Ergonomics: If you're low on space but don't want to feel cramped, the Hipso makes it easy to up your workspace ergonomics without compromising style. It's available with an optional monitor arm and desk light, for a compact and efficient setup. Plus, it pairs great with Knoll's range of desk chairs — like the ReGeneration, our pick for the ergonomic office chair with the best value. Add a Muuto Cover Armchair for alternate moments of repose.


Switch It Up: At the touch of a button, the Hipso transitions from a sitting desk to a standing one — giving you the flexibility to adjust your working position throughout the day.


Simply Sturdy: If you're a fan of Knoll's performance and timeless, minimalist aesthetic, you're in luck with the Hipso. Its simple, straightforward design will elevate any space without overwhelming the room — because you shouldn't always be at work. Plus, it's available in six different finish options, so there's something to match every space.


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