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LGB Train Set

All aboard!


Now that you’ve got the perfect tree, why not let the kids (and lets face it, you) wake up to a classic surprise come Christmas morning. Encircle the tree with a quintessential LGB Starter Train ($420). Unlike the more typical American HO-scale train sets, LGB trains are built around the chunkier G-scale platform and big enough to wrap around the tree without being overwhelmed or overlooked. If your tree overfloweth, try a living room table and be the family conductor — we bet family and friends will find themselves putting down the Xbox controllers and drinks for a turn at the transformer. Before you consider the price too hefty for a toy, it’s worth noting that Lehmann Gross Bahn (LGB) train sets are renown for their robust German engineering, digital operation, attention to detail, and weather-resistant construction. With their lack of mass-market adoption in the States though, finding them has become difficult. If you can scope one (try local dealers and eBay), go for the starter set which includes the classic LGB Steitz Steam locomotive, two passenger cars and all the extra goods. Any season, the train manages to look perfect around the presents or patio. All aboard the Holiday-Spirit Express.

Quick Tip: Keep your eye on the manufactured location of the set. German-made sets are discontinued and rare, but absolutely worth the extra dollar if you find one.

Buy Now: $420

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