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The 7 Best Things to Buy From Brooklinen, the Warby Parker of Bedding

A brief guide to shopping one of the internet's favorite bedding brands.

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For the uninitiated, Brooklinen is a Brooklyn-based, direct-to-consumer bath and bedding goods company. Since launching in 2014 with a capsule collection of bed sheets, Brooklinen now sells towels, loungewear and other home products, too. From the products that have made the brand famous to what will be your coziest pair of shorts, these are the best things to shop at Brooklinen, the Warby Parker of the bedding world.

For the Bedroom

Brooklinen's inaugural bedding collection launched the brand into the stratosphere. Its current wares are offered in numerous colors and patterns, with limited-run prints available throughout the year. Whether you want to keep it cool in percale or textured in linen, there is something to satisfy your particular sleeping needs.

Classic Core Sheet Set

Nearly 10,000 reviewers have rated these sheets an average of 4.3 out of 5. Sleepers might immediately notice the sheets are crisp like a fresh button-down shirt. Even without constant machine washing, the cotton will break in naturally leaving it soft, resembling something more like a worn-in t-shirt. The core sheet set is the most accessible way to get all the bedding basics: a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and a couple pillowcases.

Buy Now: $109+

Linen Hardcore Sheet Bundle

Linen sheets are going to be pricey because of the material and dye and weaving processes. We found Brooklinen's linen sheets to be the best for its price; it has just a slightly looser weave than more expensive linen sheets, a softer-than-usual feel and a shorter break-in period. For those who haven't experienced the joy that is sleeping on linen sheets, then Brooklinen's are the best entry-point into the airy material. If you buy the hardcore bundle (of any sleeping material), you'll save 25 percent on the retail price.

Buy Now: $194+

Lightweight Down Comforter

The lightweight comforter is sufficient enough to keep you warm in extremely cold temperatures. However, the brand does sell an all-season comforter that some may find to be too plush and heavy year-round. The lighter option has a 600-down fill much like your favorite winter coat. Also, do yourself a favor and grab one of the brand's duvet covers. They'll increase the longevity of your comforter, and they come in accompanying colors and patterns to your sheets.

Buy Now: $199+

For the Bathroom

Naturally, Brooklinen turned to the bathroom to extend the reach of its "-linen" name. From ultralight to super-plush, Brooklinen's towels can accommodate those who either want something warm and snuggly or thin and quick-drying. There are also a few shower curtains in fun prints.

Waffle Bath Robe

Brooklinen's latest is a waffle line of bathroom goods, and it's about time. If you're sleeping on the knit, then you're missing out on a lightweight towel that dries faster than your standard fare.

Buy Now: $98

Super-Plush Bath Towel Bundle

"Super-plush" is no joke as the towels are incredibly weighty at 820 GSM, or grams per square meter. While the bundle includes a bath mat, we still recommend the wooden kind. The towels are so plush it feels like they're instantly sopping up all the dampness on your body. When you picture a spa-like retreat, these are the towels that would be there.

Buy Now: $57

For Everywhere in Between

Expanding on the brand's ethos of making luxury downtime gear, Brooklinen has ventured outside the bedroom and bathroom, crafting products to accommodate the rest of the home. Not including the third-party merchandise in its marketplace, these items aren't tied down to any one room.

Bowery Shorts

The Bowery shorts are made of lightweight French terry that are comfortable for lounging or running errands. The shorts are cut with a modest seven-inch inseam that hits around mid-calf. And at $55, they're about half the price of luxury French terry sweat shorts from Reigning Champ with a comparable look and feel.

Buy Now: $55

AM to PM Scented Candle Set

Despite not being a type of linen, Brooklinen's candle set helps to complement the rest of its offerings. The AM to PM idea is clever: two scents ideal for invigorating in the sense in the morning, and two scents for helping you to wind down.

Buy Now: $59

Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.
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