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Wrap Yourself in an Anxiety-Relieving Weighted Blanket. Just Get This One

There's no defying this Gravity (blanket).

Gravity Blanket, $189+

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For many, sleep doesn't come as easily as it used to. Whether stress-related or pure insomnia, tossing and turning at night is no fun. Enter the weighted blanket. While not a cure-all for insomnia, anxiety or stress, weighted blankets are proven to produce a calming effect. If you're tired of browsing the millions of options for weighted blankets on the internet, just get Gravity's Gravity Blanket.


Feels like an all-night hug

All weighted blankets do essentially the same thing, but Gravity's offers the best support all night long. The Gravity Blanket is filled with glass beads that don't shift around because of gridded stitching, so there's an even distribution of weight. Unlike cheaper alternatives, the beads won't move around and clump up in any one area, which causes different parts of the blanket to press more heavily than others.

It's a great overall blanket

Hands down, the Gravity Blanket does its job as a weighted blanket. It's also just an all-around great blanket. The duvet cover feels extremely soft and plush, like one you would buy separately for a regular comforter. It's machine washable, as any duvet cover should be, and the internal clips ensure the interior blanket doesn't shift around while you sleep.

It works

Weighted blankets work because of deep pressure touch, which reduce symptoms of anxiety by relaxing the nervous system and inducing a calming feeling. The Gravity Blanket does this exceptionally well. We called this blanket the best overall weighted blanket, and according to Gravity's website, 78 percent of people who have tried other sleep products prefer the brand's weighted blanket, too.


Gravity Blanket

Gravity gravityblankets.com

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Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.
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