Boxer 320 Mini-Skid

Plowing through yardwork... literally.


Have you ever driven past a construction site and wondered just how much yard work you could do if you just had one of those Bobcats? With the new Boxer 320 Mini-Skid ($14,999), you can bring home the power of industrial-grade equipment in a domestic-friendly, workshed parkable machine. At just 34.5″ wide, the rideable skid is compact enough to fit right through a standard gate (if you care to meddle with such trivialities) yet packs enough power to handle a 1,250 lb tip capacity and can lift loads up to 54″ high. Powered by a 20 horsepower Kohler gas engine, the highly maneuverable Boxer plants power to the ground with 7″ wide rubber skids (think: tank treads) without ripping through your well manicured lawn and is designed for both stability and flexibility. How flexible? 50 different attachments ranging from a 36″ trencher to a 30″ auger are available for the mini-beast. Tree stumps, piles of mulch, and jealous neighbors will cower at your presence.

Buy Now: $14,999

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