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Save Yourself from Allergy Season Pain With This Dust-Slaying Air Purifier

Dust, pollen and other allergens are no issue for Blueair's latest DustMagnet air purifiers.

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Do you smell that? Neither can I, thanks to nasal congestion. Spring is almost here, and so are the allergy-related symptoms that come along with it. Luckily, top-rated air purifier brand Blueair has just launched its DustMagnet series — and I can breathe easier already.

Blueair's new line of air purifiers, available in two sizes (the smaller 5200s and the larger 5400s) are designed to attract and capture dust like a magnet by using two positively charged stainless steel pre-filters that draw offending particles in. This means the purifiers can suck allergens out of the air before they have a chance to settle in your home.

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Blueair’s DustMagnet pre-filters are positively charged, which makes them better at attracting dust than other filters.

The DustMagnet air purifiers use two filters, located at the top and the bottom of the unit, that work in tandem with their dual inlet and outlet system to better eliminate air particles. Blueair’s HEPASilent filtration technology effectively clean the air while barely making a sound. The smaller DustMagnets are good for rooms up to 242 square feet, and the larger units can handle rooms of up to 380 square feet.


Blueair DustMagnet 5410i Air Purifier

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$259.90 (35% off)

Smart capabilities means you can connect the DustMagnets to Blueair's app for wireless usage and constant air quality readings, and pair them with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for hands-free control. And the DustMagnets excel from an aesthetic standpoint, as well; not only are nicer than most air purifiers on the market, they can even function as a side table.

"Consumers shouldn’t have to compromise on design when it comes to having clean air inside their home,” Blueair's chief product officer Jonas Holst said. "That is why we combined performance and aesthetics in DustMagnet, creating air purifiers that capture dust before it settles and blends into your home — like a great-looking piece of Scandinavian-style furniture."

The DustMagnet air purifiers are available in two finishes: white and a pricier light-grey textile.

Price: $290+


Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.
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