Google Assistant Has a Fantastic New Feature

Google Assistant can now help you remember where you parked your car automatically using location history.


Before there was Google Assistant, there was Google Now, and in the transition between the two, some features disappeared into the fog. Now, Google Assistant is bringing back one of its handiest features: remembering where you parked your car.

The return of the feature was spotted by Android Police and works entirely in the background and uses your location history to automatically identify where you likely parked your car based on your movement. If you were moving at car speeds and then stopped, that’s probably where your car is. As a result, it’s not always going to be perfect, but the upside is that you don’t have to remember to turn it on, and it should at least give you a place to start looking.

The feature is (re)rolling out now, but isn’t active for everyone quite yet so try to keep remembering approximately where your car is for now, just in case.

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