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Essential Coffee Table Books for the Aspiring World Traveler

The world just got smaller.

Q.T. Luong

True adventure takes a willingness for discomfort few of us have in stock. These coffee table books, however, offer voyages without the long-haul flights. Sit down and wander.

Oxford Atlas of the World


The Atlas of the World is the gold standard of the far-flung. 448 pages of geography, high-res satellite images and maps of every type and description, the atlas is a comprehensive overview of Earth in all its attendant splendor.

Buy Now: $69

One Year on a Bike: From Amsterdam to Singapore


Photographer Martjin Doolaard spent a year on a motorcycle compiling this photo journal from Amsterdam to Singapore. Filled to the brim with beautiful photos of a slowly changing landscape, this coffee table book is an intimate portrait of how travel affects the soul.

Buy Now: $39

Cabin Porn


Adventure needn’t be more than a change of scenery. Cabin Porn is perfect for the homebody vying for a home away from home. But be warned: As an Amazon customer review said, it may inspire you to “burn your possessions and move to the woods.”

Buy Now: $24

Steve McCurry: The Iconic Photographs


Steve McCurry’s photography is consistently stunning. Perhaps best known for his photographic portraits, this book brings together his best and lesser-known photos from around the globe.

Buy Now: $38

Before They Pass Away


One of the best things about adventure is experiencing various cultures. Before They Pass Away is a massive compendium of tribal living the world over. Many of these ways of living are dying out, so this impressive collection is an essential resource for the culturally curious.

Buy Now: $109

River of Colour: The India of Raghubir Singh


River of Colour is a portrait of the Indian subcontinent through the eyes of a native son. Singh’s emotional photography, with its emphasis on color, springs from the page.

Buy Now: $24

Treasured Lands: A Photographic Odyssey Through America’s National Parks


A powerhouse collection of homebred wanderlust, Treasured Lands explores America’s National Parks in exquisite detail with photographs taken over twenty years and in sixty different locations.

Buy Now: $32

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