Now You Can Let Your Dog Run Off-Leash Wherever You Go

SpotOn has reinvented the electric fence with the first truly wireless solution.

spoton fence collar

While the benefits of a traditional electric fence for your four-legged friend are many, so are the challenges. Firstly, they are permanent — they require digging trenches in the ground, laying down wires and if you ever move, it's difficult and/or impossible to bring them with you. On top of that, they are unadjustable and once the wires are laid down, there's no making changes to your perimeter — say to account for an area of your lawn that needs fertilization. Luckily, there's an easy solution. SpotOn's GPS fence takes the hassle out of installing a wireless fence, can be created in any shape and size and will work anywhere and in any weather.

To learn more about how SpotOn can allow your dog to safely run free at home and on the go, read on below.

spoton collar


Easily Customizable: SpotOn allows you to create containment areas of nearly any shape or size (from half an acre to thousands of acres). Plus, you can save up to ten distinct fences at once so you can have one for home, one for the park, one for the office and anywhere else you and your dog may venture to.


Connected via Your Smartphone: SpotOn's mobile app not only allows you to manage your fences, but also makes it easy to keep tabs on your dog's location and get escape and status notifications straight to your phone.


Goes Where You and Your Dog Do: Because there are no wires, transmitting stations or other assorted hardware pieces to worry about, you can take SpotOn anywhere. And you never have to worry about GPS connectivity either, since the brand's solution uses three GPS networks.

Price: $1,495


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