Knoll’s Hipso Desk Is the Ultimate Home Office Upgrade

With tons of customization and easy ergonomics, this desk could be what your office is missing.

man sitting in a chair working at his knoll desk

Commercial office designers and design firms spend countless hours and countless more dollars perfecting the ergonomics of workstations — scrutinizing over every detail. It's why you often find sit-stand desks and adjustable monitor arms in office settings. Promoting movement and ergonomics in your home office should be just as high of a priority as it is in commercial offices. Luckily, Knoll makes it easy with its suite of home office necessities that are not only a gold standard for ergonomics, but are also stylish and refined.

For the ultimate home office setup, start with the Hipso Height-Adjustable Desk, then pair it with the Sapper Monitor Arm, ReGeneration chair and Tip Table Lamp from Muuto. To learn more about why the Hipso should be the keystone of your home office, read on below.

hand pulling at tab of knolls standing desk
man standing at his knoll desk


Style to Fit Any Space: The Hipso's desktop is available with either square corners or radiused corners, with four and three different finish options respectively. It also comes with either a white or black base, so you can fully customize it to your space.


A Flexible Solution: It's also available in three different sizes, so there's a streamlined solution no matter how big or limiting your space is. And even if your floor is uneven, Knoll thought of a solution for that too, with leveling feet that offer up to a half-inch of adjustment.


Dual Motors for Even Lifting: With dual motors that lift smoothly and evenly, there's no need to worry about operating the Hipso while you have all of your work essentials on top. You can load the Hipso up with a max of 265lbs as well, so go ahead and run four monitors, a laptop and top it off with a hefty lunch.

Price: $585+


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