Project Solar Makes Clean Energy Look Easy

Not only is Project Solar the most affordable solar option in the United States; it's also one of the easiest options for DIY installation.

house with project solar panels
Project Solar

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Project Solar

If you're still happily dependent on coal, oil or other fossil fuels to power your home, then you're starting to run the risk of becoming a fossil yourself. Solar energy is obviously nothing new — just ask something green and growing — but converting your roof into an energy-harnessing appliance is pretty new by comparison, and while that process can be intimidating to the armchair handyman, Project Solar is a brand committed to making that process easy and accessible to everyone. Not only is Project Solar the most affordable solar option in the United States, but it's also one of the easiest options for DIY installation, as well as one of the most aesthetically pleasing solar panel-providers around. Find out more about Project Solar below.

project solar worker installing solar panels
Project Solar
solar panels on roof from project solar
Project Solar

Solar For $1/Watt

Project Solar's digitally-focused approach cuts out the middlemen, reducing costs and allowing you to go solar for less than the national average (by 66 percent when you install it yourself or by 50 percent for a full-service install). Best of all, it does so with tier-one equipment backed by a 25-year warranty.

Easy DIY Install

Project Solar's guided self-installation process is so easy, calling it "DIY" is almost misleading. The brand handles site design, engineering and city permits and offers live video chats during the installation process should you have any questions. Project Solar even sends an electrician for the final hook up so that you never have to deal with live wires. Plus, you can manage it all through Project Solar's app.

Perfect Panels

If the thought of tacky solar panels turning your home into an eyesore is the last thing preventing you from making the switch, Project Solar has you in mind. The brand uses aesthetically pleasing black-on-black panels with Enphase microinverters for improved efficiency and Iron Ridge racking for easy, watertight roof mounting.

Price: $1/watt


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