This Pen Was Made by Aerospace Engineers

The Vector Titanium Pen from Aerocrafted is sleek, sturdy and compact.

aeocrafted pen

A low-quality pen can add frustration and disorder to your workday, ultimately disturbing your productivity. If you are in the market for a thoughtfully made pen that acts as the ultimate copilot for your workday, then check out the Vector Titanium Pen by Aerocrafted. Behind Aerocrafted is a group of aerospace engineers and pilots whose experience in the aerospace industry is reflected in the design and manufacturing process of the brand's products. The Vector Titanium Pen is made of Grade 5 titanium and self-lubricating bronze — making it tough against time. With a compact form factor when stowed and full-size ergonomics when in use, this pen is easy to throw in your pocket and bring on the go. It's available in two versions with an integrated pocket clip or lanyard hole — you can choose which makes the most sense for you. You can get a Vector of your own and learn more about its functionality by supporting Aerocrafted's Kickstarter below.

Price: $85


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