A High-Quality, Flat-Pack Desk That Comes Together Tool-Free

Built with your own two hands and made locally, wherever you might be.

In the realm of build-it-yourself furniture, tool-free assembly can seem too good to be true. By riffing on Japanese joinery techniques, open-source furniture brand Opendesk, in collaboration with London-based Danish designer Thor ter Kulve, have created a trestle-style desk that packs flat and requires nothing more than two hands to assemble. Made from birch plywood, the desk is simple in design — putting function (and easy assembly and disassembly) first.

Opendesk serves as an online database of furniture specs and CAD drawings. Customers can either download fabrication files on their own, or request quotes and source the fabrication out to local makers, regardless of location.

Buy Now: $500+

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