Can a Wine Glass–Inspired Mug Make Coffee Taste Better?

Mato Ceramics certainly thinks so.


Wine glasses are designed to aerate and aromatize their contents, with a bowl-shaped bottom and tapered mouth that encourages swirling and funnels scents upward. Taking a cue from wine glass geometries, the Mato series by Bangkok-based design studio Maikr is crafted to enhance the coffee-drinking experience. The cups, which are made from glazed stoneware for optimal heat retention, are available in neutral matte hues, with angular, stackable forms for easy storage.

Also in the Mato series is a set of espresso cups ($25), coasters ($20) and a ceramic drip filter ($20). A coffee carafe and containers for milk and sugar are reportedly in the works, slated to launch next year.

Buy Now: $30 (Set of 2)

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