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Wüsthof Rotating Knife Stand

German Efficiency


Traditional knife blocks look great, but unless your a feng shui master, their position in the kitchen is rarely optimized for grabbing cutlery mid recipe. Magnet strips definitely speed up the process, but there’s always that risk a quick grab could lead to Simpson’s hands. That’s where the Wüsthof Rotating Knife Stand ($320) steps in. To borrow from 40 Year Old Virgin, it puts knives “on a pedestal” of stainless steel. This slight tweak allows the block to rotate a full 360°, effectively eliminating those awkward cooking lunges that occur when a paring knife literally won’t cut it. Available in black and birch options. Knives are not included.

Editor’s Note: If paying $320 for a knife block seems steep, the Wusthof 8001 Under-Cabinet-Swinger Knife Storage Block provides similar functionality for a mere $40 — granted you have a place to mount it.

Buy Now: $320

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