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Parachute Debuted Its First Furniture Collection, and 5 Other New Home Releases

The brand knows a lot about bed sheets so its foray into bed frames makes sense.

window shopping parachute bedframe, bokksu plate, and brightland honey

Every week, we lust over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: bougie honey, easy-to-brew cold brew and more.

Parachute Bed Frames

parachute bed frames

Parachute is a brand that knows — and excels at – bed sheets, so it actually makes sense that its newest product category is the humble bed frame. The new collection comprises three upholstered bed frames — the Canyon, the Dune and the Horizon — available in seven fabric options. The frames are inspired by southern California, the brand's hometown. For example, Canyon draws inspiration from the curves of Laurel Canyon, while Dune is elicits memories of the Mojave. Get this bed frame when it's time to upgrade the janky old one you've just been putting up with.

Price: $1,800+


Alldae Cascara Tea

Pineapple Cascara

If you've never had it, cascara is tea made from the skin of the fruit of the coffee plant. When processing these fruits to get the seed (what we call the coffee bean), the skins are removed and typically discarded. Cascara gives them delicious purpose. Alldae is a new company making cascara out of Gesha coffee from Panama. If you're hunting a mid-afternoon pick-me-up that isn't as jarring as a cup of coffee, Alldae's canned cascaras are an excellent option. I like the pineapple flavor best.

Price: $24 (six-pack)


Brightland The Couplet

brightland the couplet

Honey is one of the most-faked foods out there, often diluted with syrups or worse, the syrups are modified to look like honey. Brightland started out in 2018 making olive oil, another often-faked food, and now it's making honey. The brand's new honeys will include California Orange Blossom Honey and Kauai Wildflower Honey, with the honeys being sourced by women-led teams at multigenerational beekeeping families. The raw, unfiltered honeys will not only be incredibly delicious, but they'll help combat the issue knockoffs in the industry.

Price: $42


Bokksu Kitchenware

bokksu kitchenware

Snack box brand Bokksu has a new section in its marketplace that's only tangentially related to snacks — kitchenware. Filled with made-in-Japan goods, Bokksu's Kitchenware section is filled with useful kitchen items whether it's a Japanese kitchen knife or ramen-themed chopsticks rests.


Partners Coffee Rockaway Cold Brew

partners coffee rockaway cold brew
Partners Coffee

As if cold brew couldn't get any simpler, Brooklyn-based coffee roasters Partners Coffee made its cold-brew blend of coffee beans into tea bag-like satchels for easier cold brewing. Each package of Rockaway Cold Brew contains four pouches of pre-ground coffee, so all you have to do is steep it in 24 ounces of water for a day to get delicious cafe-quality cold brew.

Price: $16


Finex 14" Double-Handle Skillet


Popular cast-iron skillet brand Finex released its largest skillet to date with the 14-inch double-handled skillet. The dual speed-cool coil handles make it easier to quickly transport your extra-large meals from the the stove (or oven, campfire or grill) to the table. The skillet retains everything that Finex fans love about the brand like its octagonal shape and super-smooth cooking surface.

Price: $270 without lid; $370 with lid


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