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The Best Bed Frames to Get the Best Sleep of Your Life

You'll never go to bed angry knowing you're sleeping on one of the best bed frames on the market.

casper the platform bed frame

To all the people who sleep with their mattress on the floor: Why? After you spent all that time searching for the perfect mattress, sheets, pillows and comforter, you're going to want to pair it with a bed that complements it and your bedroom's design. Bed frames can come in at a hefty, hefty price point. Plus, they come with the added struggle of having to schlep it into your home and setting it up, so you don't want to buy a cheap one that'll conk out or, heaven forbid, fall out from under you while you're asleep. Here are a few of the best bed frame options on the market, as well as some tips for finding one that's right for you.

What to Look for

Unlike the more hidden components of your bed, like sheets or a duvet insert, a bed frame is both a big part of your sleeping experience and likely the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom. That puts a lot of pressure on you as a shopper to find something that matches your style while also being supportive and comfortable. And, like a mattress, a bed frame comes down to personal preference — there's not one perfect option that will work for everyone. So, here are a few factors to keep in mind as you browse the picks below.


From a dramatic canopy to a low-to-the-ground platform bed, there are quite a few styles to consider. The best way to decide what you want (if you don't know already) is to do a little window shopping. Besides the look of your frame, you'll want to consider the height as well. Do you prefer literally climbing into bed at night or sleeping as close to the floor as you can (or somewhere in between)? Think about the space you have and also the permanence of your space. The bigger the bed frame, the harder it might be to move if and when the day comes.

The type of bed frame you choose will likely affect your comfort too. For example, consider whether you want a headboard or if you could do without. If you do want one, would you prefer it to be cushioned or will you be ok with a hard surface? Keep in mind that if you're struggling to decide, there are lots of modular bed frames out there that allow you to add a headboard and other features once you invest in the basic frame.


Most bed frames you'll see on the market are made of wood, metal or they're upholstered. But like any type of furniture, the options are endless. It's ok to think about the style you want first and foremost and then pare your options down from there. And investing in higher-quality materials, like solid wood, will ensure that your bed is sturdy and supportive. But keep in mind that the material of your frame will again affect the movability. Whether you're anticipating an upcoming move or just like to rearrange furniture every now and then, it's better in the long run to find a bed that will stay with you for years, even if it means a little more research and a few more bucks.

Mattress Compatibility

Although this is becoming less and less of an issue with the rise of mattress-in-a-box brands, there's one factor that could restrict your bed frame options: a box spring. Most mattresses nowadays do not require a box spring, so unless you're working with an older innerspring mattress, you should be okay. But before making any decisions, it's a good idea to check your warranty and see if there are any stipulations regarding box springs. Chances are, if you're sleeping on a newer foam or hybrid mattress, you don't have to worry about this part.

If you do need a frame that accommodates one, you'll want to make sure you're looking at something that holds your bed in place since you'll be sleeping on multiple layers essentially. According to Casper, platform beds are actually designed to be alternatives to box springs, acting as a base and frame combined. Either way, consult your mattress maker's website before proceeding.

Extra Features

It's good to keep an eye out for features that can maximize your space and customize your frame. For example, built-in under-the-bed storage is pretty easy to find and allows your bed to perform double duty as a frame and a dresser. There are also lots of modular options on the market that offer detachable headboards and connected side tables — you get the picture.

      The Best Bed Frames

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      West Elm
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      CB2 Dondra Teak Bed
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