This Long Overdue, Genius Invention Marks the End of Wobbly Tables

A self-stabilizing table from the inventor of the suspension systems found in Toyota 4WDs and the McLaren MP4-12C.

Some of the best inventions are born out of frustration. Case in point: No Rock tables, a self-stabilizing four-legged bistro-style table created by inventor and geometer Chris Heyring, who previously developed the suspension systems used in Toyota and Nissan 4WD vehicles, as well as the McLaren MP4-12C and P1 supercars.

With articulated joints at the legs, rather than the feet, the table automatically distributes weight evenly to create a more solid — and less wobbly — base. No Rock, which was awarded a Red Dot product design award earlier this year, is now trickling into U.S. and European markets. Available for purchase through Restaurants Product Guild, the base is available in five styles; and while geared toward restaurants, it’s equally well-suited to home and office use.

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