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The 17 Best Desks for Small Spaces

You can make space for any of these desks.

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As the world gets more crowded and our living spaces become more cramped, setting up an at-home work setup is a luxury. The coronavirus pandemic has left many office workers fashioning their sofas and dining tables into home offices. Luckily many furniture brands are making smaller desks to accommodate smaller living environments. Whether you work a hybrid schedule or are fully remote, these 15 tiny desks (no, not that Tiny Desk) will help us make the best of WFH life.

Best Small Desks Under $100

Atlantic Adjustable Laptop Tray Table


Atlantic Adjustable Laptop Tray Table


  • Adjustable
  • Super Affordable

  • No storage
  • Not having a permanent work space can be frustrating

Those super tight on space might fare well with a tray table so you can get work done on the sofa (or bed). This one from Walmart is adjustable so you can put your screen at the optimal eye level, and there's a little desk space plus a cup holder.

Dimensions: 23.60" W x 11.80" D x 7.87" H

Ikea Micke Desk


Ikea Micke Desk


  • Great cord management
  • Drawer for storage

  • Leg room could be limited under this desk due to drawer

If you're looking for the bare minimum desk, head to Ikea. This desk is the smallest of the Micke family. It is 29 inches across and has a single drawer with ample space.

Dimensions: 28 3/4" W x 19 5/8 " D x 29 1/2 " H

Green Forest Folding Desk

Green Forest Folding Desk

$76.49 (15% off)

  • Folds away easily
  • Available in four colors

  • No storage

We don’t know what brand this is either. But it’s an affordable desk that folds up so it’s virtually non-existent when you aren’t working on it. Just get this if you can’t be bothered with any other option.

Dimensions: 32"W x 32"D x 32.7"H

Soges Computer Desk with Wheels


Soges Computer Desk with Wheels


  • Versatile heights
  • Mobile

  • Small wheels can be finicky
  • No storage

Sit, stand and roll with this Soges desk. It's crazy cheap and you can really do work just about anywhere.

Dimensions: 27″ W x 28″ D x 30″ - 45.5″ H

Best Small Desks Under $500

Oglethorpe Floating Desk


Oglethorpe Floating Desk


  • Lots of storage
  • You can determine exactly what height you want to work at

  • Not deep enough for many laptops
  • Tools are needed for assembly and mounting

The Oglethorpe desk is a wall-mounted desk for those who are really tight on space. The minimally obtrusive desk features fold-down storage slots for added utility to an already pragmatic work-from-home solution.

Dimensions: 42.28'' W x 11.81'' D x 9.05'' H

Williston Forge Bowie Corner Desk


Bowie Corner Desk

$152.99 (53% off)

  • Will fit well in many room shapes
  • Included pencil holder is a nice addition

  • Space in the corner could be hard to utilize

Maximize your home's space by using a corner desk. The Bowie has a wood tabletop finished with a metal mesh back. And if you're someone who still uses pens and pencils, there's an additional storage cup for your stationery.

Dimensions: 42'' W x 28'' D x 36'' H

Sanner Floating Desk


Sanner Floating Desk


  • Can fold up when not working for a clean look
  • Stationary storage is handy

  • Only 20 lbs weight capacity
  • Not much room for multitasking

The Sanner desk is a wall-mounted fold-out desk for those who are really tight on space. The desk features an interior storage nook. When folded, the desk juts out just four inches from the wall as if it’s not even there.

Dimensions: 21'' W x 4'' D x 17" H

Pottery Barn Allen Wood Extending C-Table

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn Allen Wood Extending C-Table


  • Working space can expand when needed
  • Can be used as a side table when not working

Listen, if you're really just going to work on your sofa all day, try this c-table from Pottery Barn. It's not the best work-from-home solution, but it does give you a space to do work, and it doubles as a table for eating and watching TV.

Dimensions: 12" W x 18" D x 28" H (opens to 24.5" W)

      CB2 Helix Walnut Desk


      CB2 Helix Walnut Desk


      • Tall shelves make the most out of your space

      • Should be mounted for a stable work area
      • Difficult to move if you rearange furniture

      Ladders are a great way to save square footage and add storage space. The Helix has three shelves, one for a workspace and two for storage, and the walnut veneer and black powder-coated steel pair well together for a sleek setup. Safety tip: CB2 recommends securing the ladder to the wall to avoid accidents.

      Dimensions: 30"W x 20"D x 70"H

      Urban Outfitters Kirby Hutch Desk

      Urban Outfitters

      Urban Outfitters Kirby Hutch Desk


      • Space to spread out your work
      • Shelving is nice for storage and display

      • Clean wire management could be tricky

      If you can't spare too much square footage, build upwards. This Hutch desk from Urban Outfitters is as affordable as it is space-saving. With two small storage shelves for your office gear and an overhead shelf for other miscellaneous items, the Kirby is the desk for those with a lot of stuff and nowhere to put it.

      Dimensions: 43.07”W x 20.16”D x 54.21”H

      Pottery Barn Morgan Simple Kids Desk


      Pottery Barn Morgan Simple Kids Desk


      • Having three drawers is great for organizing

      Yes, it's from Pottery Barn Kids, but a small desk is a small desk.

      Dimensions: 30" W x 23" D x 30" H (Hutch dimensions: 28.5" W x 8" D x 5.5" H)

      Best Small Desks Under $1000

      Made by Choice Fem Work Desk


      Made by Choice Fem Work Desk


      • Can easily be changed into a standing desk

      • On the heavier side, weighing over 60 lbs

      The designers at the interior architect agency Fyra know what it’s like to use a stack of books as a desk. They designed the Fem to work as a desk or a shelf. The desk is screw-free and can be easily assembled and disassembled. The back panel can be repurposed into a top shelf for miscellaneous items or as an elevated tabletop for working while standing up.

      Dimensions: 37.4"W x 19.7"D x 41.3"H

      West Elm Industrial Storage Mini Desk

      West Elm Industrial Storage Mini Desk


      • Extremely clean design
      • Solid wood

      • The space beneath the desk is 25.5" with the drawers, which could limit leg room

      For those with lots of loose papers and knick-knacks, the Industrial Storage Mini Desk keeps your messes out of sight. We rarely see enough mango wood in furniture, but West Elm pairs it perfectly with a black steel frame. The desk looks a bit like something you’d pick up at a flea market — and that just makes it cooler.

      Dimensions: 30"W x 16"D x 30"H

      Knoll Toboggan Chair Desk

      Knoll Toboggan Chair Desk

      Knoll 2modern.com

      • No need for a desk chair
      • Easy to move

      • Modern design could look out of place
      • Pricey for the size

      Like the desk-chair hybrids of your childhood school days, the Knoll Toboggan Chair Desk lets you carve out a little home office wherever there’s space. The interesting shape lets users move 360 degrees without bumping into the frame or table, and the desk comes in fun, vibrant colors like dark red and slate blue.

      Dimensions: 16.2"W x 27.2 "D x 27.1"H

      Duxbury Transforming Console

      Duxbury Transforming Console


      • Extends for more space when needed
      • Two drawers for storage

      This desk is unique in that it was inspired by vintage game tables, so the design allows it to fold out into a table for four people.

      Dimensions: 33"W x 17"D x 30"H (expands to 33" x 34")

      Best Luxury Small Desks

      Mash Studios LAX Series Wall Mounted Desk

      Mash Studios LAX Series Wall Mounted Desk


      • Wire management ports are well place
      • Beautiful finish options
      • Solid wood

      • Sliding compartment could get in the way of your work
      • Can't close all the storage at once

      Mash Studios’ wall-mounted desk doubles as a shelving unit when it’s not your workspace. The desk is made from oil-finished English walnut and is as space-saving as they come. Cord holes on either side of the desk keep wires tidy, and a sliding powder-coated aluminum sheath hides messes.

      Dimensions: 58" W x 20" D x 15" H

      Pottery Barn Livingston Writing Desk with Bookcase

      Pottery Barn Livingston Writing Desk with Bookcase


      The Livingston provides a perfect space for your computer monitor with a drawer for your office supplies. Having tall shelves like these offer great decorating options in addition to their practical nature.

      Dimensions: 35" W x 14" D x 80" H

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