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The Newest Must-Have Accessory for Coffee Nerds? This Sifter

Uniform grounds mean a more even extraction.

The variables that shape the flavor of a pour-over are manifold — from beans to water temperature, and even filter material. When it comes to producing grounds, burr grinders are favored, but don’t guarantee a uniform grind size. Kruve, the latest must-have coffee accessory, filters grounds with micron-level precision to enable a more even extraction (and, by association, better flavor).

Kruve’s three-layer bamboo case comes with up to 15 interchangeable stainless steel filters, and works by separating too-large grounds (or boulders) with a small sieve on top, and smaller grounds (or fines) with a larger-gauge filter on the bottom. After a minute of shaking, what’s left in the middle compartment is a uniform bed of grounds. The resultant grounds can range in width from 200 microns (for espresso brewing) to 1600 microns (for a French press) according to the filters used.

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