Authenticity50 Is Here to Shake Up Your Towel Routine

The Essential Cotton Towels are not only luxurious in their construction, but they are also 25 percent heavier than most other towels for increased drying power and coverage.

authenticity50 towel hanging on bathtub

Traditionally speaking, towels are probably one of the least exciting things to shop for. But what if we told you one of the best brands in home staples also happens to make a set of towels that you can get excited about? Authenticity50, a brand you may recognize by its well-regarded pillows, is here to shake up your towel routine with its Essential Cotton Towels. You will have to act fast though as the brand is set to raise prices on the Essential Cotton Towels, next week. These 100-percent cotton towels are made with Supima® cotton loops, along with an American cotton base sourced from family-owned farms in California and the Southern US. Each is woven at a facility in Georgia, which also happens to weave the spa towels for five-star resorts across the globe — that's a pretty good measure of whether or not a towel is worth its weave. Not only are these towels luxury in their construction, but they are also 25 percent heavier than most towels and come in an oversized design to provide ample coverage and drying power. If all of that got you excited to buy a new set of towels, secure yours at a discount below.

Price: $120


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