Hide Your Home Gym in Plain Sight with Tempo Move

Tempo Move brings personal training to your living room with real-time feedback.

man lifting weights using tempo

Talking Points:

Tempo Move

Having a gym in your living room is useful, but it certainly isn't the most aesthetically pleasing. Well, the Tempo Move bucks that trend. It's sleek, small and hides your home gym in plain sight. Experience full personal training from your phone or TV at a price you cannot beat. With up to six accounts per membership, Tempo offers something for everyone in the family. The downside? It might be hard to make up excuses for skipping your workout when Tempo Move brings the gym to you.


Real-time Guidance

Tempo guides you through workouts offering feedback on your form, rep targets and tells you when it's time to move up to the next level. Tempo brings the personal training experience straight to your home.

Faster Progress

Tempo tracks your performance, then tailors your training plan as you improve. This way you can reach your goals faster with workouts customized to your exact needs.

Smart Equipment

3D Tempo Vision scans and recognizes Tempo’s smart weights for accurate tracking, rep counting and guidance. This way you can focus on getting through the workout and not worrying about how many reps you have left.

Price: $395


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