All the Coolest Home and Design Releases We Found in November 2021

All the drops you missed last month in one place.

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Nearing the end of the year means we're also getting close to the gifting season. So that means brands are coming up with some excellent giftable options — like Brooklinen's flannel sheets and Carnegie Deli's NYC Holiday Feast — to help you find gifts for everyone on your list. Plus, there were a few interesting releases like Patagonia (the outdoor apparel brand) releasing a collection of natty wine and Fly By Jing (our favorite chili crisps brand) getting into frozen dumpling territory. Here are the best home and food & drink releases of November.

Neato D9 Intelligent Robot Vacuum

neato robot vacuum

Presented by Neato

Take some of the work out of the holidays with the Neato D9 Intelligent Robot Vacuum. The Neato D9 delivers a deeper clean with 40 percent greater dirt pick-up than previous models and has an ultra-performance filter that captures up to 99.5 percent of dust and allergens. The robot vacuum cleans up to 1,600 sq. feet on a single charge making it ideal for medium to larger-sized homes. Neato LaserSmart SLAM technology with LIDAR completely maps, navigates and cleans your home allowing the vacuum to navigate and clean even in the dark — before you ask, there are no cameras or microphones on board to spy on you or your family. And with 200 minutes of runtime, you can go about your day while your home gets its deepest clean yet. With zone and no-go zone cleaning, you can define areas to clean more frequently — or select no-go zones to identify areas to avoid (like a child's play area or pet food bowls). Spend more time doing what you love this season and less time cleaning by securing yours below.


Patagonia Natural Wine Collection

patagonia natural wine collection
Patagonia Provisions

The next time you're looking to buy some wine, may we recommend Patagonia? No, not Patagonia in South America, but Patagonia, the outdoor apparel retailer. Yes, if you're looking for some really good natural wine (including sake), head to Patagonia Provisions, where the brand has compiled a collection of natty wine that's tapped some of the most highly regarded manufacturers in the category, including Meinklang and Frank Cornelisen. Order a few bottles the next time you re-up on some sustainably sourced tinned fish.

Price: $8+



waffle maker

Ghetto Gastro, a Bronx-based culinary supergroup, first did a collection of small kitchen appliances with Williams Sonoma. Its second line, part of a brand called CRUXGG, is now exclusively at Target. Its appliances are what described as futuristic meets '90s nostalgia, with products including air fryers, coffee makers, toasters, waffle makers and more. What's more, five percent of profits from the collection go to nonprofits that work towards ending food insecurity.

Price: $45+


Rick and Morty x Morgenstern's Ice Cream

rick and morty x morgenstern's ice cream
Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream

Rick and Morty of Rick and Morty fame have outgrown their Pickle Rick phase, and they're now an ice cream flavor — or four ice cream flavors to be exact. In collaboration with Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream, the Adult Swim television show is releasing four new ice cream flavors to coincide with the show. The flavors are: Ricky Road, chocolate ice cream with a peanut butter swirl, marshmallow cream, peanuts and chocolate chunks; Moonman Morty, banana and grape ice cream with candy diamonds; Glorzo Empress Summer, honey ice cream with grape jellies; and Mr. Poopy Butthole, raw milk ice cream with pizza cookies.

Price: $10


Brooklinen Flannel Sheets

brooklinen flannel sheets

Brooklinen and bed sheets go together like fall (and winter) and flannel sheets. The linens brand finally added flannel to the lineup, and they're as cozy as you'd expect. And because this is Brooklinen, the flannel sheets come in Instagram-worthy prints.

Price: $169+


Cooking at Home by David Chang and Priya Krishna

cooking at home by david chang

Chances are, like many other people, have been cooking at home a lot for the past couple years. Chefs David Chang, of Momofuku fame, and Priya Krishna, a New York Times food reporter, certainly have. The two teamed up on a new cookbook, Cooking at Home, that's not like your typical cookbook — there aren't exactly "recipes." Instead, Cooking at Home is an explainer for teaching cooks how to master basics in the kitchen whether it's a form of roast meat or a fried rice. And because this is David Chang, a noted microwave lover, there are tips for getting the most out of the most hated kitchen appliance in the pro-chef world.

Price: $32


Gantri Kobble

gantri lamp
gantri table lamp

Gantri's latest collection of lamps, called Kobble, is designed by the industrial designer Karim Rashid, who's done work for the likes of Pepsi and Veuve Clicquot. The lights — which include floor, wall and table varieties — are in Rashid's signature "blobject" style, which Gantri describes as a style that's "distinguished by smooth flowing curves, bright colors, and an absence of sharp edges." Like Gantri's other lamps, they feature a dimmer, are 3D printed from plant materials and have a museum-grade LED bulb.

Price: $148+


The Citizenry Hinoki Collection

the citizenry chairs
The Citizenry

In expanding its Hinoki Collection, home goods store The Citizenry has added four new products made in the fragrant and soft wood: a bench, a nightstand, a nightstand with a drawer and a counter stool. The pieces are crafted from hinoki sourced in Okawa, Japan, by the The Okawa Hinoki Workshop, a fair-trade workshop that's been mastering the art of making furniture for over four generations. The pieces perfectly complement the existing pieces of a side table, floor mirror, sauna set and — the much-lovedbath mat.

Price: $750


Dad Grass Classic Formula CBD Tincture

dad grass classic formula cbd tincture
Dad Grass

Not into smoking Dad Grass' CBD joints? The brand just released a CBD tincture to make getting your CBD doses easier on your body (and your lungs). Each bottle contains 1,200 milligrams of supposed mood-busting, anxiety-relieving CBD made from 100-percent organic hemp flower grown in the United States. One dropper is one serving, so each bottle contains 30 servings, good for about one use daily.

Price: $65


Aesop Anatomy of Generosity

aesop anatomy of generosity

Struggling with finding a gift to give this year? Grab one of Aesop's gift kits as part of the Australian skin care brand's Anatomy of Generosity gift sets. The five curated gift sets — the Forager, the Listener, the Protector, the Advocate and the Mentor — revolve around the face, hands, body and home, with each being linked to a specific charity group. Aesop has donated AUD $100,000 to each of the five charities, regardless of sales — hence the "Anatomy of Generosity" name.

Price: $40+


Carnegie Deli's NYC Holiday Feast

carnegie delis nyc holiday feast

Feast like a New Yorker this holiday with Carnegie Deli's Holiday Feast set — it contains everything you need for a "three-course deli feast." The box contains three pounds of meat — half pre-sliced pastrami and half pre-sliced corn beef — everything else you need to make a sandwich, knish bites, cookies and mini cheesecakes. New Yorkers don't eat like this every day, but when we feast we really mean feast.

Price: $199


Open Spaces Small Storage Bins


Ever since Open Spaces launched, we've been obsessed with its well-designed storage solutions that actually have us keeping things neat and tidy. The brand updated its Storage Bins collection with new bright colorways and complementing colored lids. Stackable and eye-catching, the bins are the perfect way to make sure you, a grown person, don't start to accumulate clutter in your home.

Price: $38/Set of 2


Yóu Yóu

yóu yóu cooking oil
Yóu Yóu

Your choice of cooking oil matters. And one you should be trying is from a new brand called Yóu Yóu. The brand's tea seed oil, which is derived from the camellia oil tree, has a higher smoke point than vegetable oil, and it's also filled with more Omega-3s and antioxidants. The cooking oil will help you achieve those super-crusty sears on steak you've been trying to get, and it has just a slight nutty flavor that complements anything you cook with it. Want to mix a better salad dressing? Use Yóu Yóu. Whipping up a stir fry? This is the oil for you.

Price: $40


Fly By Jing Dumplings

fly by jing dumplings
Fly By Jing

Love chili crisps? Then you're probably familiar with Fly By Jing already. And if you own some of its spicy condiments, you'll want to pair it with the brand's new line of dumplings. The frozen dumplings — available in pork, shrimp and scallop; pork, shrimp and mushroom; and pork soup dumplings — are ready to go from freezer to mouth in just a few minutes. The ingredients are filled with the things you'd use if you were to make these dumplings at home and nothing you wouldn't be able to easily find at the grocery store. So if you're not ready to start a dumpling-making assembly line, these are the next best thing (and possibly even better).

Price: $40+


Jono Pandolfi Union Bowl

jono pandolfi union bowl
Jono Pandolfi

Jono Pandolfi makes some of our favorite bowls and dishes, and it's also a favorite among Michelin-starred chefs — like Missy Robbins. Robbins, who owns the Italian restaurants Lilia and Misi in New York, worked with Jono on a new bowl, the Union, which is its deepest bowl to date. The Union bowl is handmade, like everything else Jono Pandolfi produces, and available in Toasted or Dark Brown clay body with white interior glaze. The bowls quickly sold out as soon as they were released, but they're expected to restock before the holidays. Until then, head over to Misi's website where the Union bowl is available in a Slate clay body with white interior glaze.

Price: $52


Food52 Mug52

food52 mug52

For the past four years, food blog Food52 has dropped its Mug52 collection, a line of 52 mugs designed by 52 pottery studios. Each mug is one-of-a-kind and a perfect representation of the people behind it. Either score one for yourself and grab one to gift — you'll never have to worry about someone gifting the same thing.

Price: $45


Graf Lantz Dogū

graf lantz dogū
Graf Lantz

Graf Lantz released a line of leather valet trays to spruce up your desk top or entry table. If the leather isn't enough for you, get the felt insert to line the inside and keep it safe from damage.

Price: $38+


Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects Variety Pack

brooklyn brewery special effects variety pack
Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery is making some of the best non-alcoholic beers out there, rivaling some of their regular beers. It comes with three cans of its Hoppy Amber and IPA non-alcoholic beers, and it also includes two new beers: Special Effects Pils and Special Effects Hazy IPA. If you've ever wanted to experiment with a sober lifestyle, do it with Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects.


Patagonia Provisions Lightly Smoked Venison Links

patagonia provisions lightly smoked venison links
Patagonia Provisions

Patagonia has the meats! Its Patagonia Provisions line of food and drink released a new venison link made from the invasive Hawaiian axis deer. The deer pose a threat to native foliage, and they're humanely harvested to control the population, while creating a wildly delicious sausage. (Not to mention each pack of two sausages packs 16 grams of protein.) Enjoy them on their own or throw them on the grill for a protein-packed, delicious snack or meal.

Price: $9


Bento Bong Parts

bento bong parts

We crowned the Bento Bong as our Smart Spend pick for bongs, and it just launched its Parts page. Shoppers can buy the parts that make up the Bento Bong, and they can use the page to upgrade their existing bongs, like if they want to make their Single a Double or turn their Double into a Triple.

Price: $3+


Hendrick's Gaming Chaise

hendrick's gaming chaise
Hendrick's Gin

Hendrick's (yes, the gin brand) made a gaming chair, and it's not an April Fool's joke (this is November, right?). Except it's less of a chair and more of a chaise, and it's as ridiculous as it sounds. The backrest has a horn and retractable arms, which actually hold things, and built-in storage can hide booze, gaming accessories and more. Hendrick's actually designed the thing to be anti-gaming — as in PC or console gaming — and is meant for those with cash to blow and poker games to play.

Price: $3,988


Cat Person x Jason Wu

cat person x jason wu
Cat Person

If you're a cat person then, well, you should be shopping at Cat Person, a brand of design-forward cat gear for your feline friend(s). Its latest collection is designed in partnership with fashion designer Jason Wu, who worked on a hideaway scoop and holder, a little box, a blacked-out bowl, cat toy and collaboration hoodie. Yes, your cat only wears designer.

Price: $7+


Material Kitchen Table Knives

material kitchen table knives
Material Kitchen

Those looking for beautiful, but still functional, kitchen gear should head to Material Kitchen. The brand just released new table knives (basically a mix between steak knives and paring knives) decked out in German stainless steel and non-slip handles. They're available in four colorways, with the ability to get a mixed set. They even come with a maple knife block to keep everything tidy.

Price: $90


Goldune Recycled & Compostable Gift Wrap, Gift Tag & Ribbon Kit

goldune recycled and compostable gift wrap, gift tag and ribbon kit

A lot of things about the holidays suck. From shopping for gifts to dealing with more family time than you'd like, there's a lot to complain about. But one thing you might not be worried about (but really should be) is how much trash accumulates — especially all that gift wrapping. Sustainable online marketplace Goldune released a gift wrapping kit for those who don't want to kill the earth while they celebrate the holidays. The kit includes five sheets of double-sided wrapping paper, a spool of cotton ribbon and three gift tags. The best part? It's all compostable so you can gift with peace of mind.

Price: $20


Herman Miller Comma Chair

herman miller comma chair
Herman Miller

Herman Miller's latest chair pays homage to every writer's favorite punctuation (kidding). The Comma Chair, designed by Michael Anastassiades, is a fairly bare bones chair with a circular seat, rounded back and straight legs. It's available in six wood finishes and either leather or wood seating. Now we're looking forward to an Em Dash sofa, the Semicolon chair or Ampersand bean bag.

Price: $995


Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.
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