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The DaVinci Miqro Is a Great Vape for Lightweight Weed Users

This Miqro is a small-but-mighty vape that does what it needs to do well.

davinci miqro vape
Mitch K

Although the DaVinci Miqro vaporizer wasn’t previously ranked as one of our best vapes, it feels purposely built for the light cannabis user like myself. I purchased a Miqro more than three years ago for $150, and — despite upgrading to the Arizer Solo II since — I still frequently use it for its intended purpose of getting the most out of $14 grams.

After several years of use, here are my thoughts on this small-but-mighty weed vape.


Davinci Miqro Vaporizer


What We Like

High-quality vapor

Cannabis and tobacco both taste outstanding when consumed in the Miqro. It's nothing like traditional smoking; I thought terpenes were fake until the Miqro made me crave the caryophyllene in Gelato-33 as a snack.

Davinchi claims the ceramic zirconium used in the vapor path and mouthpiece "allows the user to draw the purest vapor you’ll ever taste in a vaporizer," and I don’t have any evidence to disagree. As a purely conduction vape, the Miqro has less of the toasted and popcorn flavors that are notable in convection vaporizers. Unlike vape cartridges filled with 50 percent of THC concentrate, a smoking session with the Miqro is more like sipping on a beverage than taking a shot. You can expect flavorful sips instead of bong sized rips with the Miqro and I’d liken the smoke output to a draw of a heavily filtered cigarette. You’ll get the strawberry flavor without coughing, and tobacco can taste like chocolate.

A pleasant vaping experience

I like the cupped mouthpiece of the Miqro because using it feels like sipping a beverage, which is also how I get the best vapor out of it. As a conduction vape, vapor will be more concentrated with a slower inhalation. Unlike the deep, possibly lung-expanding draws of traditional smoking and convection based vaporizers, the Miqro offers flavorful sips of concentrated vapor.

In addition, the Miqro will vibrate once your five-minute session ends, and scroll an inspirational word across the LED dot display. Plus, an unexpected feature: parts of the Miqro's exterior can heat up to around 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It's not dangerous, but in fact, it makes for a nice hand warmer in the winter. (Just don’t touch the bowl until it cools down.)

Excellent build and design

The Miqro is designed for the clumsy kush in mind. Everything you need to service is on hinges and magnets. A poker is stored like a stylus, and DaVinchi know to give you a second poker in the box (because yes, I did lose the first one). Even after dropping it on the sidewalk a few times, the Miqro still feels like I paid $150 for it.

Sans a couple parts, the device doesn’t use much plastic, which is something immediately noticeable comparing it to other vapes. Davinci's vapes are unique in offering a ceramic bowl and ceramic zirconium vapor pathway. The all ceramic construction was a particular selling point given my personal confusion around toxic metals in vaping.

Easy to clean

Cleaning the Miqro is less tedious than cleaning a watch. You’ll need alcohol, a pipe cleaner and sometimes a toothpick, cotton swab or paperclip. As a tip, once dry herb is spent, dump out the contents and blow through the vapor path before the Miqro cools down. This step has significantly reduced buildup on the ceramic bowl for me and lengthened the time between full cleanings of the Miqro.

davinci micro vape
Emptying the bowl after a session is easy with the included poker.
Mitch K

Vape on the go, discreetly

The Miqro easily fits into the palm of your hand and doesn't take up much space in your pocket. Unless you are smoking something with a diesel-like aroma, the Miqro won’t stink up the room. As a session vape, it’s not for one-hitting so it still gets left at home if I'm going to a concert.

Watch Out

The battery is small

The Miqro uses an 18350 900mAh lithium battery that’s impressively small. On a single charge I can always count on the Miqro for at least two five-minute sessions at maximum power level, and sometimes I can get three sessions using a lower power level.

If two to three sessions of battery life won’t cut it for you, the battery on the Miqro is easily swappable. The explorer collection includes one additional 18350 battery, and Da Vinci also sells a multi-cell charger so you can have a fleet of batteries in your vape kit.

davinci micro vape
The 18350 battery is easily removable via the hinges on the top of the device.
Mitch K

If you end up just sticking with one battery like I did, you'll learn about lithium degeneration. After a year of heavy use, my 18350 battery couldn’t hold a charge through a single session. This is normal, as lithium batteries will degrade each battery cycle...and I used it a lot when Animal Crossing came out. Buying another battery for the Miqro was inexpensive and replacing it is incredibly easy. This is a big deal because there is a fair amount of planned obsolescence among name brand vapes.

Looking beyond the Miqro's short battery life, there are still some quarks to get used to. The vape can shut off abruptly when jostled, though checking the battery connection or giving it another jostle usually solves the issue. Charging the Miqro via the onboard micro-USB is tricky, too. I’ve experienced false charges, and sometimes, plugging in the device won’t register a charging status. Whenever I have issues charging, I unplug it, wipe off the battery and terminal hinge and plug it back in. It's not the worst thing, but I've been stuck with a fully packed bowl and no charge before.

davinci micro vape
The buttons on the Miqro have a satisfying click and light up when pressed.
Mitch K

The Davinci Miqro Vape: Verdict

The quirks of the Miqro make it a great match for lightweight cannabis users. Someone not inconvenienced by the small battery size or a rescheduled vaping session. It's the vape for dog walks and gardening. It’s also the vape my mother-in-law has; hers is purple.

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