The mixologist knows it’s worth spending a little more to get that certain spirit. They can give you a list of tasting notes that rivals any sommelier. They’ll spend months tinkering with a cocktail recipe until it’s perfect. From the nuance of an aged bourbon to the design of a simple strainer, the mixologist cares about the details. So, to save you time, we put together a list of gifts that’ll be perfect for the even most perceptive person.

Norlan Whisky Glasses

This hand-blown whiskey glass from Norlan Glass is specifically designed to deliver the best tasting experience for your spirits. Its double-walled design allows for a unique inside shape that increases the rate of oxidation, allowing more ethanol to evaporate while focusing aroma towards the nose. The effect is that you can enjoy every aspect of your whiskey — the taste, the smell, the color — from start to finish.
Buy Now: $48 (set of 2)

Gear Patrol Field Guide: American Craft Beer

This survey of the country’s leading breweries will not only give you an overview of the macro trend of micro brewing, but it will give you some solid options of new brews to try and places to visit.

Buy Now: $9

Fine Mesh Strainer

This is a necessity when making drinks with freshly juiced citrus or muddled ingredients. No home bar should be without one, and for $10, it’s a no-brainer.

Buy Now: $10

Peak Ice Works Crushed Ice Tray

Don’t have an industrial-sized crushed ice maker? This ice tray will make enough crushed ice to fill a single serving beverage. Its lid also functions as a funnel to guide the ice into your glass.

Buy Now: $12

By the Smoke and the Smell

San Francisco-based bartender Thad Vogler has made a name for himself championing small-batch artisan spirits. In this book he chronicles his travels across the world in search of the best spirits.

Buy Now: $18

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The Hudson Standard Strawberry Rhubarb Shrub

Add some variety to your bar this season with this strawberry rhubarb shurb from The Hudson Standard. Mix it with rum or bourbon, or add it to a light cocktail for something more refreshing.

Buy Now: $15

Gordy’s Fine Brine

This brine is perfect for adding to martinis, Bloody Marys and margaritas. It’s a mix of salty and tangy with a hint of sweet, and it’s also vegan friendly — everyone wins.

Buy Now: $22

Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer

This Hawthorne strainer should be in every serious bartender’s toolkit. It was designed to reduce hand stress and be comfortable, while not sacrificing durability.

Buy Now: $17

Grovemade Wool Felt Coaster Set

Made from 3mm-thick virgin Merino wool felt, these coasters will find a welcome home no matter where they’re used. They’re durable, versatile and eco-friendly.

Buy Now: $20

Plum Wine

An opened bottle of wine has a relatively short shelf life before it’s relegated to cooking-wine status or turns into, essentially, fancy vinegar fit only for the drain. Plum automatically identifies any bottle from a cloud database, perfectly preserves it and keeps it at the serving temperature it was intended for, all without actually opening it.

Buy Now: $1,499

The Carry On Hot Toddy Cocktail Kit

With this kit, you’ll be able to craft two Hot Toddies mid-flight. It contains cinnamon sticks, lemon packets and ginger syrup. Ask for hot water, and add your favorite spirit.

Buy Now: $24

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Meehan’s Bartender Manual

This new book explains the complexity of the modern bar industry and a range of important topics including the history of cocktails, menu development, spirits production and drink mixing technique.

Buy Now: $25

Good Cigar Co. Pack

For some, the best thing to pair with a strong drink is a good cigar. This package includes two top-tier cigars, a cutter, matches and detailed tasting notes.

Buy Now: $25

Field Stainless Steel Bottle Opener

The simple design of the bottle opener is both functional and beautiful. Made from stainless steel, it’ll last you the rest of your life.

Buy Now: $30

Blanc Creatives Muddler

If you’re mixing a lot of cocktails, you should invest in a quality muddler. Available in walnut or maple, this muddler from Blanc Creatives is the perfect size and shape for your everyday needs.

Buy Now: $35

W&P Design Bartender’s Knife

This bartender’s knife has a multi-purpose blade designed for peeling slicing and picking. The handle is made from polished hardwood and features brass hardware.

Buy Now: $35

Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Change up your cocktails with these non-alcoholic herbal distillations. Experiment with making tonics or mixed drinks with either Spice 94 (baking spices) or Garden 108 (more herbaceous).

Buy Now: $40

Handa Natural Indigo Cotton Tea Towel

These towels are dyed with natural indigo and are handwoven. They come in a range of different patterns and will immediately elevate your kitchen or bar’s aesthetic.

Buy Now: $65

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RBT Ice Bucket

This is one handsome ice bucket. Made with insulating double-walls and an acacia wood lid that rests on its side, this bucket will store up to 80 fluid ounces.

Buy Now: $80

L’Atelier du Vin The Oeno Box Wine Opener

A modernized version of the traditional corkscrew, this wine opener is both beautiful and functional. With a solid-walnut wood accent on the handle, it’s sure to turn heads when you bring out your favorite vintage.

Buy Now: $90

Jacob May Wesley Butcher Block

Get a better cutting board to prep your ingredients. This board from Jacob May Wesley is made from American white oak finished with mineral oil and beeswax, a wood that will develop a unique patina over time.

Buy Now: $300

Zalto Universal Wine Glasses

If you enjoy nice wine, you should enjoy it in nice glasses. These glasses from Zalto are some of the best, and are hand-blown from a single-piece of lead-free glass.

Buy Now: $350

Gubi Matégot Bar Cart

Designed in the ‘50s by Mathieu Matégot, this bar cart is made from powder-coated steel tubing with perforated metal trays and metal casters. It’s produced to the designer’s specification in Denmark by the respected brand Gubi.

Buy Now: $999

Gear Patrol Magazine Issue Five

Gear Patrol Issue Five explores the nuances of products the world over. Check out the report on the burgeoning Australian Gin scene and explore the best bottles to look for.

Buy Now: $20

Craft Cocktail Syrups Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup

Made from demerara cane sugar and aromatic bitters, this simple cocktail syrup will help you craft the perfect old fashioned in less time.

Buy Now: $12

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