Glowdoggie LED Collars

Canine Shine


Glowdoggie LED Collars ($45-$50) are designed to make b(raving) the elements with your four-legged friend a safer affair. Their integrated Superflux LEDs have a lifespan of 150,000 hours or roughly 81 dog years of use — providing owners and other citizens with plenty of visibility for tracking rover’s movements. Thanks to an “all-in-tube” design, each collar is completely waterproof, with no external parts, so rain or impromptu snorkeling is nothing to worry about. A built-in sensor automatically turns the collar on when the battery section rotates away from the 12 o’clock position and will likewise switch off the collar after the batteries are returned to 12 o’clock for over 45 seconds. Sold in five Ibiza-ready colors, pick one that suits your fancy and eyesight, because your pooch can’t tell the difference.

Buy Now: $45-$50

Ben Bowers is the chief content officer and co-founder of Gear Patrol.
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