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Weber Wants Your Grill to Go Electric

The new Weber Lumin electric grill promises a gas grill experience — without the hassle.

weber lumin electric grill
Weber Inc.

Summer may still be a ways away, but it’s never too early to start planning your next backyard BBQ. Weber has long been a go-to name when it comes to grilling, with the iconic brand’s charcoal and gas grills being a constant fixture of American summers since the 1950s.

Now, however, Weber is looking to change the grilling game by taking a page out of the auto industry’s book — and going electric. Meet the new Lumin electric grill.

To be clear, electric grills are nothing new, not even for Weber. But what sets the Lumin apart, according to the brand, is that it doesn’t cook food like you would expect an electric grill to do. Instead, it essentially reproduces the full gas grilling experience — Weber says they’ve conducted testing to ensure the taste of Lumin-cooked food is on par with food prepared on their gas grills — but in a more user- and environmentally-friendly way. (In other words, this is a far cry from tossing your old George Foreman Grill on a cart and wheeling it onto your patio.)

The Lumin is able to pull off this magic trick thanks largely to its high heat capability. The grill can reach temperatures of more than 600°F (315°C), preheating to said temps in 15 minutes and staying at those high levels throughout your grilling session. It features real grates like on a gas grill, giving your food the signature char that you can only get from a true outdoor grill. It’s outdoor-friendly, too, and has even been successfully tested to perform without a hitch in a downpour.

The grill is also versatile out of the box, with included accessories that allow you to steam or smoke dishes — including while you’re still grilling on one side of the grill. An additional griddle attachment is set to go on sale separately in March.

weber lumin electric grill
Weber Inc.

Weber’s Lumin grill is mainly targeted at the BBQ-curious — those who like the idea of grilling but are intimidated by gas, lack the outdoor space required for a traditional grill or don’t think they would use a grill enough to justify a purchase. Powered solely by electricity, the Lumin comes in two compact sizes, with the Full-Size version featuring 237 square inches of cooking space, and the smaller Compact model squeezing in 187 square inches of cooking space. The small footprint is aimed at those without a backyard who still have access to a smaller outdoor space such as a balcony. (While electric, Lumin is still a grill that produces lots of smoke, and should not be used indoors).

Available starting Wednesday, January 18, the Weber Lumin comes in five attractive colors: Black, Ice Blue, Deep Ocean Blue, Golden Yellow, and Seafoam Green. The full-size version retails for $479 in Black and $519 in the other colors, while the compact grill goes for $429 in Black or $459 in color.


Weber Lumin Electric Grill


Johnny Brayson is Gear Patrol's associate home editor.
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