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Seinfeld's Apartment is Available to Rent on Airbnb ... in Ohio?

The "Apartment About Nothing" is a faithful recreation of the '90s sitcom pad.

a kitchen set up similar to the tv show seinfeld

If you’ve always dreamed of living in Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment, your dream is about to come true … sort of. A new Airbnb listing has faithfully recreated the iconic ‘90s sitcom pad and is now open for booking, with dates available as soon as this April.

The listing, fittingly called “The Apartment About Nothing,” is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, which, I should note, isn’t located near Manhattan’s Upper West Side where the show takes place, or in Los Angeles where it was filmed (and where you'll find the building that stands in for the apartment in exterior shots). But the location isn’t all that important, since the real story here is what’s inside the apartment.

a living room setup with blue couch wood coffee table green chair and a green bike

While the one-bedroom unit is a bit more modern in appearance and amenities than Seinfeld’s home in the iconic series — I’m pretty sure Jerry wasn’t watching the Mets on a wall-mounted flatscreen TV — it still does a pretty good job when it comes to nailing the overall layout and decor. However, I do feel the need to call out that the bedroom and bathroom are in the wrong spot (to be fair, the apartment's layout in the series was actually impossible as depicted).

seinfeld apartment
Sony Pictures Television

Sharp-eyed fans will notice several consistencies with the show, like the correct magnets on the fridge, the bike mounted on the wall, the Porsche 911 poster, the Superman statue and board games on the bookcase, the black corded phone on the coffee table, the fully-stocked cereal cabinet — you get the idea.

To make things extra fun, the hosts have also tossed in a few references to the show that you wouldn’t normally expect to see in Jerry’s apartment, like the Puffy Shirt, George’s “Timeless Art of Seduction” poster, and Kramer’s ASSMAN license plate and Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables.

a coffee table with a vintage sport illustrated and a vintage book about coffee tables on it

Rooms at the Apartment About Nothing start at $175 a night on Airbnb. The hosts do note that there are four other apartments in the building, so there may be a danger of Kramer or even Newman popping by unannounced (probably not, though). And if Seinfeld isn’t your thing for some reason, the same hosts also operate a separate “Sitcom Suite” modeled after Rachel and Monica’s dreamy West Village hangout from Friends.

Johnny Brayson is Gear Patrol's associate home editor.
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