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Kind of Obsessed: This Affordable Desk Organizer Will Be My Best Impulse Buy of 2018

Poppin’s new desktop organizer is place to put pens, forgotten mail and other stray stuff when a junk drawer just isn’t an option.


Earlier this month, during what my girlfriend now calls our routine visit to The Container Store, I found myself holding Poppin’s new All-In-One Desktop Organizer ($25), fairly certain I was about to make my smartest impulse buy of 2018.

Poppin, which just so happens to make the desks and file cabinets used at the Gear Patrol office in New York City, quietly released the organizer as part of a larger collection that includes file pockets, wall shelves and pencil cups. It’s made of plastic polystyrene, a sturdy yet inexpensive material, and comes in four consumer-friendly colors: white, pink, gray and blue.

Now sitting in my living room, the All-In-One Desktop Organizer reminds me of Arik Levy’s Toolbox ($60), designed for Vitra in 2010, and Jonah Takagi’s ISO Organizer ($80), which Field, a design studio based in Chicago, released in 2015. The main difference, of course, is that it costs $25. Yet, it offers a similar solution for square foot-impoverished city dwellers: basically, to serve as a junk drawer for homes without spare drawers. I’d recommend to anyone who just needs a temporary place to put pens, forgotten mail and other stray stuff. It even comes with small holes in the back to route phone charging cables.

Buy Now: $25

Jack Seemer is the deputy editor at Gear Patrol.
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