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Kind of Obsessed: This Is the Best Tech Travel Case Money Can Buy

Simple product, low price, impressive results.


I almost always check a bag, so my carry-on tends to consist of my tech essentials and a few necessities. Most are your standard air-travel essentials: noise-canceling headphones, whatever book I’m reading at the moment and a travel pillow (NEMO’s Fillo is my go-to). But I always struggle with how to pack my cables and charging accessories while staying organized. I’ve gone the cord taco route, but they end up lost in the bottom of my bag, and carrying 4-5 of them around isn’t exactly efficient.

Enter Thule’s Subterra PowerShuttle. It makes keeping my tech organized while on the road ridiculously easy. The layout is simple enough. Zip it open and on the underside of the lid are a series of elastic loops for storing cords (you can easily store more than five cords). I typically travel with a USB-C, Lightning, micro USB and my Suunto smartwatch charger so there is more than enough space to go around. The fifth loop secures my Suunto when it isn’t strapped to my wrist. There’s a zip pocket under the lid as well, which is perfect for storing a notebook or other odds and ends. The interior of the PowerShuttle has plenty of room for a wall adapter and multiple power banks (the Anker PowerCore II 20000 is my current go-to). The PowerShuttle also has a pass-through slot on the back that allows you to route a cable from your power bank to your phone. That seems like a simple enough feature, but you’d be surprised how many tech cases lack it. Best of all though, it’s just $25.

Buy Now: $25

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