Shopping Cart-Inspired Baskets That Make Anything You Put in Them More Interesting

There are never enough cool places to throw your stuff in.


You might not expect to find creative inspiration from the likes of the humble shopping cart. But life is full of fun surprises. Meet the grocery-inspired Track Basket from Normann Copenhagen.

Powder-coated steel rods make up the walls, and run diagonally in the direction opposite the wall parallel to it, creating an airy, visually charming criss-cross effect when not full of stuff. The base of the container mimics this as well, creating a Morellet-esque line bending effect when viewed from above.

The Track Baskets are the creations of Danish industrial designer Simon Legald, and come in five sizes with three colors to choose from in each (white, rust and grey). They will soon be available for purchase from $45 on Normann Copenhagen’s site.

Learn More: Here

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