This Compact Electric Grill Is a Total Power House

What makes Weber's Lumin Electric Grill worth talking about — by Gear Patrol Studios

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While life outside the city may have its perks, city folk know there’s nothing like the hustle and bustle of living in your favorite neighborhood. Still, securing the walkable apartment of your dreams often means lowering your expectations for your outdoor space.

That’s where Weber's compact Lumin Electric Grill comes in. It allows users to grill to their heart’s content — no sprawling backyard required. It’s designed to offer the same delicious experience you'd expect from a gas or charcoal grill without requiring bulky fuel or added space, so you can push your balcony, porch or outdoor kitchen to the max.

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The Backstory

Weber: Born to Barbecue

Weber was founded on the idea that there’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious meal outside with the ones you love. The brand celebrates the authentic connections that arrive around a grill and has been perfecting the game since 1952.

Now, Weber is pushing its team to develop products that not only optimize that grilling experience, but also make it more accessible to all sorts of consumers. With Weber grills now sold all around the globe, the brand’s next goal is to reinvent the backyard experience altogether.

The release of the Lumin marks a major step toward achieving that goal. By applying its more than seven decades of outdoor cooking innovation to a compact electric grill, Weber has made the premium grilling experience more accessible to an increasingly urban world.

The Gist

How Does Weber’s Lumin Electric Grill Work?

Weber’s Lumin Electric Grill is a 120-volt device designed to reach temperatures over 600°F. Better yet — and what really sets the Lumin apart — is its ability to maintain those high temperatures, a key factor for delivering the unmistakable sear marks and the authentic grill flavor that come with high-heat cooking.

On top of that, fans can choose from various cook settings to sear, smoke, steam or even boil their ingredients. After grilling, you can easily keep meals warm for lingering guests and, if need be, you can even grill food from frozen by thawing it over the grill while the device preheats.

The Lumin boasts a 242-square-inch cooking area, and comes with porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates. Users can also take advantage of the reversible steam pan and steaming/smoking reservoir, or tack on the Versatility Expansion Kit to create an even larger cooking surface.


The Lumin Electric Grill Is Great for City Living

Here's a hot take: electric grills like the Lumin are not only more versatile than traditional grills, they’re a lot easier to use, too. New grillers can effortlessly home in on the perfect temperature, texture and flavor; rather than charring something to a crisp, or worse, serving something raw.

But the Lumin's super power is its ability to deliver Weber's legendary grilling experience — sear marks, authentic grilled flavor and all — in a compact, plug-in platform that's built to stand the test of time. It’s built to fit comfortably on a small table or ledge, and can transform a simple balcony into the BBQ pit of your dreams. In this way, the new device is frankly revolutionizing grilling for those living in condos and apartments, as it allows fans to unleash a full suite of smoky flavors from any compact space.

So don’t waste another minute. Bring home the Lumin Electric Grill today to kick things into high gear.

Price: $479


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